How to host a charity bake off

How to host a charity bake off

Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding are back! The Great British Bake Off will be returning for its 12th series on Tuesday 21st September. This year we have a range of contestants from a police detective, a retired midwife, psychology student and a software developer.  

Bake Off has become increasingly popular, In 2020 the show had 9.2 million viewers. Being so popular it has become a well known theme for charity events. No matter who you are or what charity you would like to raise money for, a charity bake off is a fun and inclusive event. This could also be an event used for work team building days, schools and local communities. 

Announce your bake off

Firstly, you're going to want to announce your bake off! Invite whoever it is you're trying to get involved. Use posters, email and social media to let everyone know the date, location and time of your bake off. It is a good idea to set some rules (no nuts or alcohol).

Give your bake a theme 

Do you want your bake off to have a specific theme? You might have a particular mascot, theme or colour that you would like to use to help inspire your bakers? For example Halloween is coming up, You may want to use that as a theme. Furniture Hire UK supply Webb chairs and Orange / Black bean bags which could add to your theme. You could run a sugar free bake or just use a single main ingredient such as just using chocolate. Bake offs are quite common so it’s a good idea to make your one unique and more interesting to your participants. 

Make it fun

You could turn your bake off into a competition. For example the quickest cake to sell or best looking cake could win a prize.  Make sure your judges are impartial! Could you find a local business to donate a prize? You could also add some giant jenga or 4 in a row for a bit of added fun. 


Your supporters may be keen to run their own bake sales to raise money for you. If you have a lot of supporters, You have the potential to raise lots of funds. For example, The Charity ‘Bliss’ ran 300 sales in 2015 which raised £23,000.  We supply a range of marquees, tables and stalls which are all available to hire. We also supply linen so there's no need to panic about all the extras!

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