5 Christmas table decor ideas 2021

5 Christmas table decor ideas 2021

A christmas dinner is one of the most important parts of Christmas day. With all the chaos it’s sometimes easy to forget the simple ideas that make a big difference! You may or may not think about it but table decor is something that often gets forgotten about or not even given a second thought. 

Whether you're having a small cosy christmas at home or you’re a business providing for people over the festive season Furniture Hire UK offer Christmas packages to hire ranging from 8-10 people for your cosy christmas family/friends gathering and we also provide corporate christmas packages designed for a larger scale event. 

Here are 5 Christmas table decor ideas:

  1. Napkin folding - There are so many fun and interesting ways to fold napkins. You’ve probably heard of ‘the bishop's hat’ which is a traditional napkin folding method. Christmas tree napkin folding is a simple idea that could be used as part of your table decoration. Furniture Hire UK have a variety of high quality napkins that can be hired. 

  2. Tablecloths - You could either go for a simple tablecloth and add your own accessories or go for a patterned design and have less accessories. Simple tablecloths are available to hire with Furniture Hire UK, They are high quality and available in white, black or ivory. 

  3. Centerpiece - Every table needs a centerpiece! The list is endless for centerpiece ideas. You could use a decorative bowl or ice bucket and add boulbouls, fairy lights, or pine cones. A very on trend Christmas centerpiece is floral wreaths/ arrangements. Some people even like to add a candle to the arrangement. 

  4. Christmas confetti - If you’ve opted for a simple tablecloth option, confetti or shapes is a great way of decorating your table and adding some character. If you're not too keen on small confetti pieces you could think about adding red berries. 

  5. Name place settings - This is a fun and meaningful idea for your christmas party. You could keep it basic and use paper or card or you could use boulbouls or pine cones. It will make your guests smile and feel appreciated.

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