Tips For Starting New Years Resolutions

Tips For Starting New Years Resolutions

As 2021 comes to an end, we can start to reflect on the year. Or even the last few years. What had an impact on you throughout the year? Good and bad. I’m sure there's a whole mixture of events and emotions you felt over the course of the year. I’m sure how you started the year isn't how you ended the year.  

With the new year approaching you might be considering making some changes to your life to improve yourself or something in your life to make it better. More often than not, we tend to make the same mistake every year of overwhelming ourselves with very unrealistic goals and just simply expecting way too much of ourselves in a short period of time. Doing this will have a negative impact on your new year's resolution and people tend to break them very quickly. Below are some top tips to help you try and stick to your new year resolutions:

  1. Try to make your goals realistic. Suddenly giving up junk food or smoking all together is unrealistic, chances are you'll give it up for a month or so and then jump straight back to old habits. Instead try to set yourself a goal of cutting down.   

  2. Planning is key. Don't rush into a decision on New Years Eve or even New Years Day. Don't make a new year's resolution for the sake of it either. You should plan your goal well before December 31st not just whilst in one particular mindset

  3. Outline a “safety net” just in case the temptation kicks in to break your new year's resolution. 

  4. Make a pros and cons list. A great motivation booster is to remind yourself why you're doing it. 

  5. Communicate with your friends, family or community about your resolution. They will be there to support you and help you with your new goals. Or try to find a buddy who has the same new resolutions as you.