Freestanding Partition Hire For Bespoke Spaces

Providing adequate privacy in any business is essential and let's your colleagues work really productively - and we have several options for you!

We have standard blue or black screens in stock and also ones that can be used as pinboards for promotional material, leaflets and any other information you'd like to display.

Instant privacy

Decor and the layout of desks and other furniture can sometimes detract from the privacy sometimes needed in businesses or similar institutions. Fortunately we have an affordable, and effective solution to this problem! Our freestanding screen rental provides you with the best privacy or partitioning options for your business, with products that are cost effective, safe, secure and above all aesthetically pleasing.

Divide and partition

Our screens are perfect for all types of businesses they enable you to define specific areas and to utilise space more effectively. Often dividing particular areas can be requirement that is only necessary for a certain period of time, by choosing these products you have the freedom to create private areas for as long or short a time period as is necessary to your needs. The freestanding screens also facilitate the construction of private office areas, a key benefit when you need to organize and adapt space whilst either upsizing or downsizing office areas.

Perfect for educational institutions

Adapting an area for private usage particularly during exam periods can be difficult, but our  screens are so smart and adaptable they enable you to construct private exam areas in minutes. Whether you are a large educational institution or a small training center, these items are so versatile they can be set up quickly and effectively and with the least amount of effort.

Strong and sturdy

Among many of the benefits that can be attributed to this product line is their strength and durability, once you have partitioned and or sectioned off a particular area the screens will provide you with effective security that is both stable and sturdy. The stabilising feet ensure that they remain in place allowing you the freedom to construct an area as large or small as is necessary to your requirements.

Ideal for office space and or training areas

These rental items are also particularly useful for training events, examination centers and other office areas such as call center environments, you can create a whole office area and facilitate private screening areas within your office with this smart and presentable product.

Break Out – Snack Areas

Other popular uses these items include creation of snack and break areas. If you are organising an event, and expect to serve food and beverages, then they provide you with a smart and effective way to section particular areas, provide divisions or privacy.

Choice of colours to suit your decor

Our screens are not only designed to facilitate height and width compatibility but are also available in blue and black, making your choice of colour suit all new and existing furniture and décor.

Freestanding Screen Hire London | Freestanding Screen Hire Manchester

If you are looking to rent these products in London or Manchester, then we can offer same day delivery! We stock a large number of office products in our London and Manchester depots - so when you need any item from our vast stocks, simply give our sales team a call on 0844 567 5744.