Display Plinth Hire

Display plinth hire available with award winning furniture rental service, Furniture Hire UK. Our plinths are available in a variety of sizes which are ideal for shop windows, exhibitions, weddings and art galleries. We deliver across London and the UK.

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Plinth White 400w x 400d x 600h


£65.15 / 1-7 days

Our slightly narrower plinths like this 400mm wide plinth are suitable to use for displaying lighter/smaller items where stability isn't critical or when your space is limited This plinth is 60cm high and provides a square 400mm footprint which looks very solid and presentable

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Plinth White 500w x 500d x 600h


£65.15 / 1-7 days

This is a slightly narrower plinth which is 600mm high It is just one of our different plinth sizes, and because we make our plinths in our warehouse using our own wood cutting equipment we can guarantee impeccable quality of our hire plinths Plus we are able to manufacture any size required This, in addition to our ability to use different colours can give you a huge choice of plinths to use for your product launch or exhibition

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Plinth White 600w x 600d x 600h


£56.65 / 1-7 days

This plinth gives you a perfect platform to display larger items The dimensions form a cube, and the white spray-painted wood that we use conveys a professional and neutral appearance, perfect for your exhibition or event Our plinths are hand made in-house so if you require any variations in colour or features of our plinths we can certainly help

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Plinth White 600w x 600d x 800h


£71.67 / 1-7 days

This is a slightly taller plinth that can match to the height of the items that you would like to exhibit, so that they are near eye level We use white spray-painted wood that gives a very uniform and immaculate finish Other colours are available, so get in touch

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Plinth White Polygon 400w x 450d x 900h


£110.75 / 1-7 days

Our white polygon plinth comes in a range of shapes and sizes, customizable for your event Plinths are a great way to showcase your products to exhibition and event guests

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Plinth White 300w x 300d x 1000h


£65.15 / 1-7 days

Low walling support plinth that works perfectly as a room divider or to showcase images and artwork Available in a large range of sizes, this plinth wall is ideal for any exhibition or event  

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iPad Plinth White 400w x 400d x 1000h


£247.57 / 1-7 days

Inform your customers with this modular, secure iPad plinth These can be personalised for your brand and can be put back to back The iPad plinth includes 1 iPad Air and an iPad Flex but excludes graphics; these can be added as an additional service Not only is the iPad plinth modern but also functional with hidden cable management


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Plinth White 500w x 500d x 1000h


£75.57 / 1-7 days

A plinth that enhances the appearance of your item on display has to be of the right dimensions and colour We always recommend neutral colours and height that is suited for your item This plinth is 1 meter high and 50 cm wide, so it provides a stable platform for your items

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Plinth White 700w x 700d x 1000h


£84.69 / 1-7 days

This white plinth is spray painted white and in immaculate quality Plinths are a fantastic way to display your product or event material Available in a range of styles and sizes

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Plinth White 800w x 400d x 1000h


£75.57 / 1-7 days

This is a 1 meter tall plinth, that can serve as a sturdy platform for displaying your products at an exhibition or product launch The materials we use are wood and we spray paint our plinths white The white colour is most often used to direct attention to showcased products and brings out any colours that the displayed product has Great for art galleries, product launches and exhibition stands

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Plinth White 500w x 500d x 1200h


£80.78 / 1-7 days

The 120 cm high plinth can be combined with other shorter or taller plinths And because we build our plinths using our own CNC and wood cutting machines, all our display plinths have the highest quality finish We understand the importance of presentation, so both the wood and the spray paint finish of our plinths needs to be immaculate for every hire that we do We achieve this by painstakingly preparing these items in our warehouse prior to delivery, and then deliver them and position them in place with the highest level of care

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