Black Panton Style Chair

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Key features:
  • A super stylish, S shaped chair
  • The iconic Panton style chair is a modern, chic and comfortable chair option
  • A stackable, cantilevered plastic chair
  • It is moulded from one single piece of plastic
  • The chair was designed in the 1960’s, from when Panton had an inspiration from a neatly stacked pile of plastic buckets
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  • Height:

    820 mm
  • Width:

    600 mm
  • Depth:

    490 mm
  • Seat Height:

    480 mm
  • Weight:

    5.50 kg

Masterpieces aren’t only created in the arts or creative industries - thanks to our vast range of chair and table hire products, you can now rent masterpiece seats in London, such as our black Panton style chair! First manufactured in the 1960s by Dane Verner Panton, the design of this product has become iconic and received many awards and accolades for its innovative look and the fact it’s made from one piece of plastic.

Swinging 1960s

In the mid-1900s, furniture designers, including Verner Panton, teamed up to make the first ever Panton chair. They were interested in making a new type of seat that was smooth, sleek and without traditional style legs - the result being this S-shaped chair. The smooth look of this product is achieved in the manufacturing process, which involves injection moulding. The glossy finish and curves of the Panton chair really made an impact on seating at the time, which was mostly traditional in design, with seats usually being more boxy in shape, with four legs and possibly a padded seat.

All in black or white

We stock both black and white Panton style chairs, so you can choose between our light, chic white seats or our bold, black product line. We offer a fantastic range of contemporary looking furniture hire items that can add to this ultra fashionable look. Other seating that has a great chic look perfect for parties, receptions, cafes, hotels, bars and restaurants that are keen to design modern spaces, include our black tub chairs and cube seating. Adding some of our ropes and poles and red carpets to your order means you’re able to really up the wow factor to your location and is just perfect for VIPs zones in your venue.

Innovative impressions

You’re able to order any combination of Panton style seating and other furniture hire products we stock. Installing our black product line along with our white Panton style chairs, leads to a fantastic contrast and a super contemporary vibe. Since the 1960s when this very modern-looking product hit the market, it has made great impressions wherever it’s used because of it’s exceptionally innovative impression after all these years!

Putting the ‘S’ into Strong

The S-shape is not only contemporary looking but is very practical too. Plastic is a very robust product and can be finished in many different ways to create lots of endless variety of chair hire designs, you only have to look at our folding chairs and polyprop chairs to see two different examples of seating made from this sturdy material. Being plastic our black Panton style chair is very strong, and can be stacked for straightforward transportation, set ups and storage too.

Don’t forget our full installation option!

The shape of this product is designed so each one can be neatly placed on top of another one. A very useful feature, this makes storage simple, as they’re easy to lift, and you don’t need to reserve lots of room for them when they’re not in use. Installation of hire furniture might sometimes prove a bit challenging if you’ve placed a large diverse order, or you don’t have much time to set up and arrange hire furniture as you’d like it. This is when our full installation service can be of real benefit to you! Simply opt for this when you’re placing your order and we’ll not only transport products to your address, but we’ll set them up too.