Desk Partition Screen 1600 x 400mm

Product code: HO37
£17.29 / 1-7 days

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Key features:
  • Smart cobalt blue finish
  • Top quality fabric screen
  • Great for desk privacy
  • Fits to our folding desks
  • Helps absorb office noise
  • W1600mm x H400mm
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  • Height:

    400 mm
  • Width:

    1600 mm
  • Weight:

    8.00 kg

Get Open Plan Privacy

Open plan offices gives communication a big boost but when you really want to focus on your work our desktop screens are a great rental furniture choice!

Screens for spaces

Spacious offices featuring lots of desks makes it a lot easier for colleagues to relay messages and have impromptu meetings about any aspect of the business, but they may also get a bit noisy at times. Our desktop screen hire range is the perfect solution to this issue, as they help to absorb noise.


  • Stylish blue screen is great for corporate locations
  • Made to combination easily with our 1600mm folding desks
  • Limits noise and also provides some privacy too
  • Our larger blue freestanding screens match this product

Top Benefits:

Open plan offices are very popular because they have so many positives. One of the top advantages is that they make communication straightforward and simple. When you want to share information with colleagues they’re nearby, so different teams are able to work together without having to schedule meetings or send emails, make calls, which could take up more time.

When quiet counts

One of the drawbacks to working like this, is that locations might get very noisy, affecting concentration and reducing productivity. Our blue desktop screen hire range is a quick and easy fix to these problems. Once applied to our 1600mm folding desks they help to cut noise so desk areas are a bit quieter.

As well as open plan offices, some businesses use large, shared desks. Again, this can improve communication within teams, but it’s important that colleagues have a defined space to work in. Desktop screens gives you the tools you need to create individual work surfaces so staff have their own space for equipment, to file documents and answer calls.

The perfect fit

When you rent any furniture from us, it’s up to you how small or large your order is. You’re free to order one or two items, or many. We’ve handpicked our items so when customers want a selection of office furniture, our different ranges match. For example, our blue desktop screen rental products fit perfectly to our 1600mm folding desks.

We also offer freestanding screens with the same finish as this item, and if you’d like modular tables, pedestals and bookcases these all come in light oak - the same as our folding desks.

Typical uses:

Offices, call centres, conferences, libraries, study spaces.


Can I fit these desktop screens to any desk?

Our screens have been designed to fit to our 1600mm folding desks.

Are they easy to put on desks?

Yes - when you choose our full installation option, we can do this for you.