Draughtsmans Chair

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Draughtsmans Chair
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  • Weight: 10.00 kg

Key features:

  • Height suitable for lab work
  • Professional black finish
  • Gas lift for easy adjusting
  • Footrest for extra stability
  • Super stable base
  • Padded seat & back
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Higher - or lower?

When you require really versatile seating - perhaps for better mobility at your workstation - then our draughtsman stool hire range could fit your needs very well.

Happy heights...

This is a smart looking hire chair and can be adapted to your needs as necessary - so, when you need a high seat, like for lab work, then a lower one for tasks completed at desk height, this product can do all that… and more too!


  • Black & smart, its design fits well into all kinds of business premises
  • Perfectly at home in offices/labs this turns from a stool to a chair with ease
  • Footrest can be raised and lowered in-keeping with the seat’s height
  • Adjust the tilt of the backrest to suit your working position

Key Benefits:

Our draughtsman chair is a bit like a superhero… as it has a number of identities! When the seat of this rental chair is lowered, it looks like the ideal office seating, but it would work perfectly well in other locations too - like labs, or places that require tasks to be carried out on taller surfaces.

A chair with many sides

It’s this versatility that is one of the most stand out features of our draughtsman chair, and you’re free to use it anyway you please. As a traditional office rental seat it has all the comfort required when workers are sitting opposite their desks for long stretches at a time. The lumbar support and back tilt mean you can adjust the seat so it fits snugly into the small of the back. The arms provide a further means of support and the seat height can be changed, so feet rest flat on the floor, as advised by ergonomics.

Transform in a flash

To transform this into a stool takes no effort at all! Simply use one of the reachable levers to increase the height, and what’s more, the footrest can also be easily changed to reflect this. These kinds of features mean our draughtsman chair for hire is a great office and lab choice too, thanks to its adaptable features. Another feature that ensures this item fits so well into these locations is its appearance.

The supportive black upholstery is smart, traditional and complemented by the black arms and base. Great for business locations and venues where you’re keen to project a smart, professional image, our draughtsman chair won’t let you down.

Typical Uses:

Offices, labs, technical drawing companies, architect firms.


What's the difference between this and your black operator's chair?

Our draughtsman is specially made to be used at height. The adjustable footrest adds to the stability of this rental seat.

We need smart stools for our offices, is this the best option?

You might prefer to hire our black padded stools if you'd like seating permanently set at a high level. Even then you can still adjust the height of our black padded stools to suit you.