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1600mm White High Lab Desk

Product code: HT69
£17.49 / 1-7 days £10.08 / 1-7 days

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Key features:
  • Tall and robust
  • Suitable for laboratory environment
  • Finished in white
Our measurements are there to help you plan your event - however if you need help making the most of your space then contact us to find more about our professional CAD planning service!
  • Height:

    1010 mm
  • Width:

    1600 mm
  • Depth:

    800 mm
  • Weight:

    28.00 kg

Desks With Added Height

Using a variety of hire tables is a great way to get versatile venues, and our high white labs desks can really help you do this.

Grand stand

This is one of those products where the name defines just one great use for the item - labs - but there are many more places it is often installed. One of the noticeable benefits to our lab desks is their height, and they are a great choice when you’d like to stand but still work on a table.

One of the more obvious places this happens is in laboratories and other locations where standing is part of your daily working life. As well as these types of venues, the lab desk is also perfect for exhibition spaces and cubicles. Quite often at these functions, our customers will install table and chair hire products so passing visitors can talk easily about the services on offer, and also take a comfy seat when necessary.

Steady surfaces

When chats are brief and informal, a lab desk provides the ideal location, as you can display promotional material easily, or show visitors information via laptops/tablets if required. Thanks to the sturdy fixed legs, this is a super steady table so you can work on it without any unsteadiness - perfect for those lab tasks that require some precision.

Another great benefit to choosing our white lab desks is that you can use them for branding, making it easy for customers to see/find you, while also acting as advertising too! If prefered you can also use linens or other coverings to blend the lab desks in with other rental furniture. Whether you choose to cover this table, or leave it as it is, we have a great range of furniture that complements the professional look of this product.

Seating that takes beating!

Other items often hired in combination with our high lab desks include our corbusier sofas, coffee tables, as well as other higher tables too, such as our poseur tables. These all come in a variety of finishes, so you’re able to match items with ease.

In addition to labs and exhibition cubicles, our lab desk rental range can be used in offices, training suites, schools and colleges. When you’d like some classy seating, then you’re able to choose from a variety of stools we have in stock, such as our black leather stool with medium back, while our aluminium high bar stool is stylish and perfect for both smart and more informal locations, such as break areas, refectories and common rooms.