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Leather Cantilever Chair

Product code: HC18

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£11.03 / 1-7 days

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Key features:
  • Sleek black frame
  • Deluxe padded seat
  • Soft, black leather finish
  • Adjust feet to suit you
  • Fixed arms for stability
Our measurements are there to help you plan your event - however if you need help making the most of your space then contact us to find more about our professional CAD planning service!
  • Height:

    970 mm
  • Width:

    620 mm
  • Depth:

    670 mm
  • Seat Depth:

    480 mm
  • Weight:

    8.00 kg

Choose Cantilever Chair Hire For Smooth style...

Finding a chair that has all the essential components, style comfort and versatility is not always easy.

Often a chair that has been manufactured for comfort has one or two essentials missing and vice versa, for example a chair that has been manufactured and constructed for style may frequently omit the very important comfort factor.




  • Comfortable – Padded seat provides essential seat and back support
  • Stylish – sleek black frame projects ultimate sophistication
  • Adjustable feet – Enables user to adjust feet to maximize stability

Top Benefits:

The leather cantilever chair hire however, incorporates all of these aspects and more. You are presented with a chair that not only looks stylish and which is invariably compatible with existing furniture but which also provides you with that all-important necessity comfort, something that is vital in any modern business environment.

Sophisticated supportive seating

However there are even more reasons that this chair is such a desirable chair hire option, not least the fact that it is so aesthetically pleasing. If this chair were to be placed in any corporate or indeed social environment it would define itself as a standalone item of furniture that oozes charm and class. It is a chair that offers comfort and style without being overbearing and or overstated. The classic style incorporates the main frame as the chair support which is strong and robust projecting a uniquely classy design.

 This smooth and ultimately eye-catching chair hire option is made all the more attractive by the fact that it is manufactured using soft leather. Any office that incorporates a meeting room, staff or training area will benefit from using one or more of these chairs.

Showcase your style!

The leather cantilever chair is a prime example of how your business can incorporate this type of furniture into the office to showcase your business at its best. It provides you with fantastic seating for your office at a price that is affordable and easy on your budget.

Our leather cantilever chair is so versatile you can hire it for usage for almost any corporate or social environment. Board meetings invariably necessitate a high level of comfort and support for staff and visitors, the leather cantilever chair ensures that you are provided with support, comfort and style from a chair that can be utilized almost anywhere.

Typical uses:

Boardrooms, executive meetings, reception areas, waiting rooms, lounges, exhibitions, security checkpoints.


Will hiring this chair save me money?

There is no doubt you reduce your costs significantly by hiring this chair, you have class and sophistication in a product that costs far less than if you buy it on the retail market.

Are these good for big meetings?

Pur cantilever chairs have all the business style required for meeting chairs, although our stacking chairs are a very popular option for those larger functions - simply because they stack for convenience and are also professional looking.

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