Linking Loops (for Chairs)

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Linking Loops (for Chairs)
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  • Width: 140 mm
  • Depth: 30 mm
  • Weight: 0.05 kg

Key features:

  • Linking loops join seating together
  • Robust, reliable material
  • Teams with several of our chairs
  • Ideal for health & safety
  • Smart black finish for events
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Are You In The Loop?

Our linking loops might look small, but their size doesn’t lessen their importance in any way - in fact, some of our clients won’t hire our chairs without them.

Safe and secure seating

This product is so important, it’s even included in the health and safety policies of venues. The reason being, they make sure hire chairs stay in a neat row, which is often essential to company’s regulations. So how could your venue benefit from our linking loops for hire - well take a look at the product’s main features if you’re wondering.


  • Versatile product that can be used on several of our chair hire ranges
  • Made from very robust plastic - keeps your chairs together
  • Black finish is smart and complements rental chairs well
  • Really ease to use - just clip on to chair’s legs in seconds

Key Benefits:

The outstanding benefit of our linking loops is safety. There’s a time where you venue will look really nice and neat, this is usually just after you set up your hire furniture and just before your guests arrive! As anyone who has installed large numbers of seats knows, they can quickly move out of place once they are being used. Visitors may shift them to get better views of screens/speakers, move them into groups so they can all sit together or just move them to exit rooms quicker.

Keeping chairs in place...

This can become a hazard because if guests need to leave venues quickly - such as for fire drills - then seating might prevent this from happening. For this reason, larger locations tend to put in place fire policies that require the use of linking loops for rental chairs. We’ve delivered our seating to a variety of premises where this is the case, and it makes sense.

When linking loops are applied, each seat is attached to the next one and they remain in neat, straight rows, giving your visitors clear paths of exit should this need to occur. Another reason linking loops are often applied is that when it comes to installation and packing away furniture, it can often save you time as well. This is because when it comes to removing chairs they are right where you left them, and you won’t have to travel throughout buildings to locate them.

Clip on… clip off!

Attaching the linking loops may take a bit of extra time during the installation, but this doesn’t really amount to all that much. The loops are designed to smoothly clip on to the seat’s legs, and can be used with our stacking chairs, polyprop range and our folding fan backs too. You’re free to choose how many you’d like to apply to seating, and our customers with stricter policies tend to link seating via both the front and back legs.

Typical Uses:

Conferences, lectures, seminars, pop-up cinemas, AGMs, entertainment shows, sporting events


I need hundreds of linking loops, have you got enough in stock?

Yes. We stock large numbers of linking loops for those very big events.

What's the best way to attach loops on to chairs?

This is up to you and depends on the chair too. Our stacking chairs can be attached at the very top of the legs or lower down, while our polyprops and folding chairs are usually linked on the mid/higher part of the leg.