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Describing itself as the biggest venue in Europe, the Manchester Phones 4u Arena is a vast location perfect for big events with a very central, fashionable location.

Venues that have a string of accolades and titles associated with them, do so for good reasons. This is particularly the case where the Manchester Phones 4u Arena is concerned. This huge venue is one of the biggest around and offers lots of room, hospitality space and a city centre location for our furniture hire UK customers

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Opening in 1995, this arena is so close to the city’s central train line services it’s actually connected to one of the main stations in the area! The location alone is a huge benefit to booking this massive site for those very big occasions. The Manchester Phones 4u Arena is regularly chosen to host international sporting and entertainment events, with a large collection of hospitality suites also available for those occasions where you’d like to enjoy all the facilities on offer, including waiter service and full menus.

  • Venue has been identified as one of the largest in Europe with 21,000 capacity
  • Award winning singers, sports men and women and comedic acts perform here
  • The arena has a large number of hospitality suites for a VIP experience
  • City centre locations means venue is close to many bars, hotels and eateries
  • Over one million visitors a year means staff are experienced with big events

Expect crowds at the arena? Don’t forget your stretch barriers

As the largest venue in Europe, the Manchester Phones 4u Arena (previously the Manchester Evening News Arena) can hold a staggering number of people - 21,000. Because of this, it’s ideal when you need to book an extremely large venue for functions. In fact, this location has been the site for many different international occasions, including sell out shows by Madonna and Peter Kay. Last year it was also chosen to host the 2012 Olympics Basketball warmups. In total, this arena sees over 250 events being booked at the location, with over one million visitors entering the building every single year.

When large numbers of people are expected at venues, it’s very important to get the right hire furniture to keep visitors safe and also to ensure queues move as smoothly as possible.

Experienced in large venues

We often deliver items to our furniture hire Manchester customers in extremely large batches that are destined for massive functions. Past deliveries across the country include orders for thousands and thousands of white folding fan back chairs for example, with our stacking chairs also proving to be a top product for furniture hire UK clients needing lots of seating. Thanks to our spacious warehouses in both London and Manchester, our next day delivery network actually covers the entire length of the UK.

Pick your stretch barriers

One of the items we find particularly useful for event where lots of visitors, spectators or long queues are expected are our chrome stretch barriers. These are a great furniture hire crowd control item, as they can provide guidance to guests, fans and visitors on where it is safe to stand or queue. This ensure events you may hold at the Manchester Phones 4u Arena are well organised, even when you expect thousands of people to arrive. As well as being able to choose our chrome stretch barriers, you’re also free to select our new black stretch barriers, which give extra sophistication to your functions.

Freestanding screens to make use of all the space

When you’d like to cordon off VIP areas, such as at entrances or within rooms, then our ropes and poles are another great choice. With a great chrome finish and rich, red ropes, these are a sophisticated way to separate areas in foyers, receptions and larger rooms for your extra special guests. Freestanding screens make another great choice for large venues, as they can also create smaller exhibitions areas within a spacious location. Our screens are also an excellent backdrop when you want to introduce your event and to make areas look professional, either in receptions or on stages too.

Manchester Phones 4u Arena is great for hospitality

When you’re looking to get really add some glamour to nights out and other events, then you can choose from the Manchester Phones 4u Arena’s hospitality suites. There are a number of different packages available, with some involving waiter service and your own private bar - all year round. Other packages ensure that you get into the arena first after enjoying some drinks in a private bar area. These options are great for when you want to impress guests, or if you want to enjoy some deluxe facilities with your delegates, friends and families.

City centre is just a step away

Another great benefit to choosing the Manchester Phones 4u Arena is that it’s so close to the amazing, vibrant amenities that this thriving city has to offer. In fact, in just a short distance from this venue you can choose from around 300 different restaurants, with all kinds of cuisine available for every taste. There are practically limitless opportunities when it comes to entertainment and accommodation too, with nearby travel routes to motorways and air or rail services making it a very easy venue to get to.

Order hire furniture - by the truckload and truckload

At we get lots of different orders on a daily basis, some customers may just request a couple of our contemporary sofas, for trendy reception areas in foyers, while others require thousands and thousands of hire chairs, which we can meet thanks to our large stocks of products.

So whether you want a large quantity of chrome or black stretch barriers, or a single red carpet for your VIP guests, just give us a call or order, pay for and arrange next day delivery of your items via our website. 

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