O2 Arena London

O2 Arena London Furniture Hire

The 02 Arena has become symbolic of London’s modern architectural achievements, love it or hate it, there is no doubt that the building itself stands out as an iconic mark of social and cultural cohesion, manifested through the brilliance of modern construction. 

Since its opening in 2007 the arena has hosted a number of events involving an eclectic mix of comedy, music, art and entertainment with a broad selection of impressive exhibitions, including a popular exhibition of ‘The Titanic’ and the future ‘Tutankhamun’. With a capacity to accommodate up to twenty thousand people the venue is the second largest arena in the United Kingdom. 

Ideal Place to Visit

The Arena itself is located in a very scenic part of London, with a back drop of architecturally impressive buildings the O2 is an ideal place to visit. By night the place is lit by a beautiful array of lighting and by day the river, shops and other amenities inside the arena provide the perfect respite for a visit to enjoy a day or evening of entertainment. With a number of restaurants and snack bars there can be no shortage of places to refuel before or after a show. 

The location itself is serviced by good transport links meaning you can travel to and from the 02 with relative ease. There is also parking available and is offered as a pre-book facility for arena events. To round it off there is also the impressive entertainment avenue - a place that is open to the general public even if you don’t have a ticket for a show. 

Impressive Size Venue

With a selection of bars, clubs and restaurants including an eleven screen multi-plex cinema, all within a short distance of the arena itself, it's no wonder that the 02 is such a popular destination for families. With the venue being such an impressive size it is not hard to see the potential for promotion. If you hold an event in such a large space you will need the accompanying furniture to accommodate or accessorize what you already have. 

Conference and Meeting Furniture Hire

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Whatever your conference or exhibition needs our selection is wide and varied and will ensure all your event hiring needs are met.