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Table Hire

Whether you're looking to hire tables for an outdoor event or rent banqueting tables for a wedding or party, Furniture Hire UK provides a full range of table hire options. Table hire accounts for a significant part of our daily business across London, Manchester and throughout the UK.

  • poseur table and medium back stools
  • banquet table selection
  • rectangular trestle tables covered

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3ft Round Banquet Table Hire (Seats 2-4)


£4.36 / 1-7 days

3 Rating(s)

Folding round table. Versatile for every event. Table linen is available. Seats 4 banqueting chairs. Matches a range of seating. Linen ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
4ft Round Banquet Table Hire (Seats 4-6)


From£5.36 / 1-7 days

51 Rating(s)

Folding round table. Versatile for every event. Table linen is available. Seats 6 banqueting chairs. Matches a range of seating. Linen ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
5ft Round Banquet Table Hire (Seats 6-8)


From£6.35 / 1-7 days

55 Rating(s)

Round, folding table. Can seat 8 people. Linen & napkins in stock. Stackable for storage. Suits range of seating. Linen ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
448 Available
6ft Round Banquet Table Hire (Seats 8-10)


From£8.24 / 1-7 days

93 Rating(s)

Folding circular table. Provides room for 10 diners. Versatile for many occasions. Matches variety of seating. Top quality napkins in stock . Linen ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
4ft Square Trestle Table Hire (Seats 4)


£10.97 / 1-7 days

2 Rating(s)

Square folding tables . Set up/take down in seconds. Can be stacked for storage. Table and chair linen in stock. Can seat 4 banqueting chairs. Linen is ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
466 Available
4ft Rectangular Trestle Table Hire (Seats 4-6)


From£4.15 / 1-7 days

70 Rating(s)

Rectangular folding tables . Set up/take down in seconds. Can be stacked for storage. Table and chair linen in stock. Can seat 4/6 banqueting chairs. Linen is ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
1298 Available
6ft Rectangular Trestle Table Hire (Seats 6-8)


From£4.15 / 1-7 days

241 Rating(s)

Solid, collapsable and stackable. Stable and easy to set up. Premium tablecloths available. Napkins & runners in stock. Seats 6/8 banqueting chairs . Linen ordered separately .

Invalid quantity!
4ft White Circular Plastic Table (Seats 4-6)


£6.77 / 1-7 days

11 Rating(s)

4ft round plastic table hire. Suitable for outdoor events. Folding legs. Weatherproof finish.

Invalid quantity!
5ft White Circular Plastic Table (Seats 6-8)


£6.77 / 1-7 days

19 Rating(s)

5ft round plastic table rental. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Folding legs for easy storage. Completely weatherproof.

Invalid quantity!
4ft White Rectangular Plastic Trestle Table (Seats 2-4)


£5.20 / 1-7 days

20 Rating(s)

4ft rectangular plastic table hire. Suitable for indoor and outdoor events. Quick and easy to store with folding legs. All weather dining solution.

Invalid quantity!
6ft White Rectangular Plastic Trestle Table (Seats 6-8)


£5.20 / 1-7 days

43 Rating(s)

6ft rectangular plastic table rental. Suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions. Fast setup with folding legs. All weather banqueting.

Invalid quantity!
White Plastic Picnic Table Set (Seats 4)


£22.05 / 1-7 days

Picnic plastic table and benches set. Suitable for indoor and outdoor events. Folding legs for fast installation. An all weather banqueting solution.

Invalid quantity!
Wooden Folding Rectangular Table (Seats 8)


£11.03 / 1-7 days

7 Rating(s)

This robust folding table is easy to transport and can be put up or taken down in less than one minute

Invalid quantity!
Wooden Folding Table & Benches Set


£21.00 / 1-7 days

5 Rating(s)

A robust folding picnic table and bench set consisting of 1x Table and 2x Benches

Easy to transport and can be put up / taken down in less than one minute!

Table measurements:
Height (780 mm) x Width (800 mm) x Length (2000 mm)

Bench measurements:
Height (520 mm) x Width (260 mm) x Length (2000 mm)

Total combined weight:
35 00 kg

Ideal for picnics

Invalid quantity!
593 Available
Chrome Poseur Table


From£9.40 / 1-7 days

162 Rating(s)

Aluminium poseur table. Can be used in/outdoors. Matching stools available. Easy to configure. Stable and robust table. Other finishes in stock.

Invalid quantity!
Beech Poseur Table


£13.23 / 1-7 days

1 Rating(s)

Strong beech table top. Cost effective poseur table hire. Attractive event table.

Invalid quantity!
White Poseur Table


£18.22 / 1-7 days

28 Rating(s)

Modern circular table. Light, fresh white finish . Stylish stools available. Very sturdy product . Black finish also in stock. Same/next day deliveries.


Invalid quantity!
Glass Poseur Table - Round


£22.05 / 1-7 days

9 Rating(s)

Attractive contemporary poseur table. Round tempered safety glass tabletop. Chrome base.

Invalid quantity!
Glass Poseur Table - Square


£22.05 / 1-7 days

2 Rating(s)

Perfect for exhibitions and coroprate functions. Square tempered safety glass tabletop. Attractive chrome base.

Invalid quantity!
Tolix Style Poseur Table


£26.49 / 1-7 days

Industrial style poseur table. Rugged design. Highly desirable event table.

Invalid quantity!
1931 Available
1200mm x 800mm Modular Rectangular Table


£13.81 / 1-7 days

71 Rating(s)

25mm thick melamine top. Folds up/down in seconds. Highly polished chrome frame. Stabilising feet for steadiness. Stackable for easy storage.

Invalid quantity!
2489 Available
1800mm x 800mm Modular Rectangular Table


£16.54 / 1-7 days

105 Rating(s)

Robust 25mm melamine top . Chic, chrome legs & frame. Very quick & simple set up. Wobble-free stabilising feet. Stack for storage/transport.


Invalid quantity!
1600mm x 800mm Modular D-End Meeting Table


£16.54 / 1-7 days

25 Rating(s)

Smart contemporary design. Modern light oak finish. Robust steel folding legs . Configure to your needs. Smart for coporate locations. Feet protectors offer stability.

Invalid quantity!
1200mm x 600mm Modular Rectangular Table


£10.49 / 1-7 days

3 Rating(s)

Robust 25mm melamine topped table. Folding chrome legs & frame. Quick and easy set up. Wobble-free stabilising feet. Stackable for storage and transport.

Invalid quantity!
1200mm Circular Meeting Room Table


£19.32 / 1-7 days

5 Rating(s)

Smart meeting table. Steady, folding legs. Sets up very rapidly. Robust oak finish. Top quality surface. Features premium melamine.

Invalid quantity!
1600mm Circular Meeting Room Table


£33.08 / 1-7 days

5 Rating(s)

Composed of 2 D-End tables. Robust 25mm light oak look. Top made from melamine. Set this table up in seconds. Chrome legs are foldable. Stacks for simple storage.

Invalid quantity!
1200mm x 800mm Walnut Modular Rectangular Table


£14.88 / 1-7 days

3 Rating(s)

25mm walnut finish top. Very steady stabilising feet. Folding legs for easy set-ups. Highly polished chrome frame. Configure to suit your events.

Invalid quantity!
1800mm x 800mm Walnut Modular Rectangular Table


£14.90 / 1-7 days

7 Rating(s)

25mm thick melamine top. Classy, rich walnut finish. Super steady stabilising feet . Chic chrome frame & legs. Configure in lots of ways.

Invalid quantity!
Walnut Modular D-End Meeting Table


£24.26 / 1-7 days

2 Rating(s)

Versatile D-end shape table. Premium walnut finish. Legs fold for quick installs. Perfect for executive venues. Configures with other tables.

Invalid quantity!
1200mm x 800mm White Modular Rectangular Table


£10.47 / 1-7 days

9 Rating(s)

Stylish white folding table. Premium melamine finish. Installed/folded in seconds. Also available 1800mm size. Stack for efficient storage.

Invalid quantity!
1800mm x 800mm White Modular Rectangular Table


£10.49 / 1-7 days

24 Rating(s)

Larger, modern white table. Folding legs for rapid set ups. Matching tables are available. High quality melamine finish. Smaller 1200mm in stock.

Invalid quantity!
White Modular D-End Meeting Table


£18.20 / 1-7 days

3 Rating(s)

Versatile D-end shape table. Fold/unfold in a few seconds. White finish is chic and modern. Top quality melamine surface. Combines with our other tables. Easily stackable for storage.

Invalid quantity!
1200 x 600mm White Modular Rectangular Table


£16.01 / 1-7 days

Robust 25mm melamine table top. Folding chrome legs. Fast and easy setup. Wobble-free feet with stabalising adjustment. Stackable.

Invalid quantity!
20628 Available
Exam Desk


£3.50 / 1-7 days

92 Rating(s)

Original Exam Desk Design. Very simple to install table. Perfect for exams . Tilted surface for comfort. Material is lightweight. Can be stacked easily. Cost effective to transport. Integrated pen groove.

Invalid quantity!
Medium Sized Meeting Table (Seats 10)


£66.15 / 1-7 days £58.43 / 1-7 days

8 Rating(s)

Features 2 x HM24 & 2 x HM10. Medium sized meeting table. Tables unfold/fold quickly. Stylish light oak finish. Comfortably seats 10 people. Increase tablesize as needed. In-house CAD experts on-hand.

Invalid quantity!
Large Sized Meeting Table (Seats 14)


£99.23 / 1-7 days £83.79 / 1-7 days

7 Rating(s)

Constructed from 4 x HM24 & 2 x HM10. Large sized table. Seating for 14 people. Modern light oak finish. Very rapid to install. Robust, premium quality. CAD experts available. Easy to adapt the size.

Invalid quantity!
Horseshoe Meeting Table


£93.71 / 1-7 days £71.66 / 1-7 days

3 Rating(s)

Features 4 x HM23 & 2 x HM24. Can be constructed from HM23 | HM07 | HM24. Set up in a horseshoe shape. Perfect for presentations. Durable, stylish finish. Folding legs for quick installs. CAD specialists available.

Invalid quantity!
Chrome Bistro Table


£12.13 / 1-7 days

27 Rating(s)

All-weather chrome table . Robust finish for outdoor use. Matching seating available. Lightweight & easy to move. Sturdy with a chic look.


Invalid quantity!
Chrome Bistro Table (4 Legs)


£5.52 / 1-7 days

12 Rating(s)

Chrome bistro table hire.

Invalid quantity!
White Circular Bistro Table - 700mm


£20.48 / 1-7 days

3 Rating(s)

Modern bistro table. Chic fresh finish. Easy to clean. Team with our chairs. Order now for tomorrow.


Invalid quantity!
Black Square Bistro Table - 800mm


£18.38 / 1-7 days

Sophisticated bistro tables. Black finish is very modern. Premium robust materials . Steady for dining/meetings. Matches our stylish seating. Order in black or white.

Invalid quantity!
Adina Oak Coffee Table


£15.75 / 1-7 days

1 Rating(s)

Stylish oak coffee table hire. Integrated glass top and shelf. A great addition to any event.

Invalid quantity!
Wooden Coffee Table


£8.30 / 1-7 days

Square wooden coffee table rental. High quality wood. Durable and hard-wearing.

Invalid quantity!
Square Coffee Table


£6.62 / 1-7 days

15 Rating(s)

Modern square table. Features 25mm melamine top. Stylish grey steel frame. Sturdy & very steady. Use in many different venues. Teams well with our sofas.



Invalid quantity!
Walnut Coffee Table


£16.01 / 1-7 days

9 Rating(s)

Contemporary walnut table. Features 25mm thick top. Sat on an arrow head base. Perfect height for our sofas. A deluxe, top quality choice.

Invalid quantity!
White Coffee Table


£16.01 / 1-7 days

7 Rating(s)

White coffee table. Stylish chrome legs.

Invalid quantity!

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Table Hire in London & across the UK

Table Hire is one of our most popular categories because, quite frankly, tables are required for such a wide variety of different events - it's for this reason our range of tables is so diverse. We regularly transport large orders for tables to conferences, weddings, reception venues and exhibitions, as well as to general meetings and private functions.

Hire Trestle Tables with Ease

Our trestle tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are ideal for weddings, private functions, banquets, and large events - they are particularly popular for marquee events. We have over one thousand tables available for instant hire, making us by far the market leader for table hire.

In addition, we can also supply linen for all of our banqueting tables, so if you want to take the hassle out of organising your event - call us now. Table rental is one of most popular categories and with thousands available - it's no wonder. Tables are usually hired alongside our banqueting chairs, which are available in gold and silver and come complete with either white or black chair covers plus a choice of coloured bows!

Modular Table Hire for Meetings and Conferences

We are particularly proud of our excellent quality modular conference tables for rent which come in two shapes - rectangular and semi-circular (D-End) - allowing our clients to create their ideal conference set up. We've recently delivered these tables to several blue-chip corporations and received excellent reviews - why not see our testimonials page for yourself. Don't forget, we offer next day table hire London delivery 7 days a week!

Our modular tables fit neatly together, allowing our clients to not just rent a table, but to design a complete boardroom, meeting room or conference centre. We've put together some line drawings showing you all the different table hire configurations possible, which you can see above. The majority of our clients hire our conference tables with our chrome framed stacking chairs, however our designer Herman Miller Caper chairs are particularly popular among our corporate clients as they simply ooze style and sophistication!

Bistro and Poseur Table Hire for Social Occasions

As well as tables for formal dining and corporate meetings, we also stock chrome bistro tables which are a great accompaniment to our bistro chairs and poseur tables as they all feature the same contemporary, aluminium finish. Our bistro tables are particularly popular in the summer months, when outdoor dining becomes essential after the first hot weekend, however they are also selected during the colder seasons for indoor events, such as weddings and corporate functions.

The poseur table however, is the slightly taller cousin to this product, and has become particularly popular in recent years. Our poseur tables are chest high and are usually accompanied by chrome or black stools. They are great for bars, exhibitions, and VIP events. In recent months, these tables have been delivered to many high profile organisations and been graced by celebrities, footballers, and film crews.

What’s more, we also offer a variety of different table hire options in a broad range of sizes and finishes. These are ideal for smaller meetings and seminars, rather than large conferences – and are particularly popular with our corporate customers who usually select poseur tables with our leather meeting room chairs.

Coffee Tables to Accompany all Sofas

We have a variety of rental coffee tables, which look great alongside our sofas. Why not take a look at our new high gloss coffee table which comes in a very stylish gloss black or gloss white finish!