Our Commitment to Customer Service

Customer Service

Furniture Hire UK is committed to providing an impeccable level of customer service. In order to help us meet this commitment, we invite all of our customers to complete a quick online questionnaire shortly after collecting their hire goods. Customers rank our service between 0% (poor) and 100% (excellent) over 5 separate categories.

The responses to our customer service questionnaires are chosen at random, and our average score for the last 30 days is published on this page every day, whether the score is high or low!

In order to thank our customers for taking the time to complete our online questionnaire, we offer a monthly prize in our competition. The lucky winner is selected completely at random. May's prize is a £25 Voucher of YOUR choice.

Our Latest Winners

Month Winner's Name Prize
April 2016 Danielle Fox Bluewater voucher
March 2016 Jennifer Thompson John Lewis Voucher
February 2016 Ina Andersson Topshop Voucher
January 2016 Mrs Laura Simpson Argos Voucher
December 2015 Lauryn Amara Amazon Voucher
November 2015 Jackie Angus Selfridges Voucher
October 2015 Dylan McCarthy Boots Voucher
September 2015 Rose Marshall House of Fraser Voucher
August 2015 Jessica Brough John Lewis Voucher
July 2015 Gabriel Smith M&S Voucher Voucher
June 2015 Sarah Harvey Amazon Voucher
May 2015 Gail Fallon Amazon Voucher
April 2015 Leena Wilson Amazon Voucher
March 2015 Chloe Aristodemou Trinity Centre Voucher
February 2015 Robert Hobbs Amazon Voucher
January 2015 Maddison Welch Amazon Voucher
December 2014 Jeff Khoury M&S Voucher
November 2014 Zofia Majewska Amazon Voucher
October 2014 Sienna Craig Amazon Voucher
September 2014 Alisha Scott Boots Voucher
August 2014 Hilary Sudbury Amazon Voucher

Customer Service Level

Our customer satisfaction level over the past 30 days: 83.46%

  • Speed & Accuracy 88.43%

  • Politeness & Helpfulness 90.74%

  • Delivery Team 75%

  • Furniture Quality 92.96%

  • Referral Rate 79.63%