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Our round tables hire are varied and include circular banqueting, conference & meeting room tables.

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3ft Circular Banqueting Table Hire


£4.15 / 1-7 days

Folding round table. Versatile for every event. Table linen is available. Seats 4 banqueting chairs. Matches a range of seating. Linen ordered separately.

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4ft Circular Banqueting Table Hire


From£5.10 / 1-7 days

43 Rating(s)

Folding round table. Versatile for every event. Table linen is available. Seats 6 banqueting chairs. Matches a range of seating. Linen ordered separately.

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5ft Circular Banqueting Table Hire


From£6.05 / 1-7 days

48 Rating(s)

Round, folding table. Can seat 8 people. Linen & napkins in stock. Stackable for storage. Suits range of seating. Linen ordered separately.

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448 Available
6ft Circular Banqueting Table Hire


From£7.85 / 1-7 days

81 Rating(s)

Folding circular table. Provides room for 10 diners. Versatile for many occasions. Matches variety of seating. Top quality napkins in stock . Linen ordered separately.

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4ft White Circular Plastic Table


£5.80 / 1-7 days £4.75 / 1-7 days

5 Rating(s)


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5ft White Circular Plastic Table


£6.85 / 1-7 days £4.74 / 1-7 days

11 Rating(s)


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Circular Meeting Room Table (1600mm)


£31.50 / 1-7 days

4 Rating(s)

Composed of 2 D-End tables. Robust 25mm light oak look. Top made from melamine. Set this table up in seconds. Chrome legs are foldable. Stacks for simple storage.

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Chrome Bistro Table


£11.55 / 1-7 days

24 Rating(s)

All-weather chrome table . Robust finish for outdoor use. Matching seating available. Lightweight & easy to move. Sturdy with a chic look.


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Chrome Bistro Table (4 Legs)


£8.95 / 1-7 days £5.26 / 1-7 days

8 Rating(s)


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Results 1 - 9 of 9


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Round Table Hire

When everything is planned for your event or office refurbishment, your vision clear and precise, the last thing you want to worry about is furniture, particularly your tables which are always a staple requirement no matter what type of event you are organizing, or business you are furnishing.

For this reason we like to ensure we offer our customers a wide range of options, we know for example that choosing the right products is important particularly when you need to consider decor, background and overall interior, which is why we try to ensure you have the best possible choices inclusive of tables and since the list of possible events and other purposes for for these items is so long and varied we have a selection of categories to choose from.

Circular Table Hire

One category that proves to be popular time and again is our circular table category. The list of events and corporate occasions is endless which is why this category is so important, our banqueting tables offer versatility and ease of use and are perfect for weddings and conferences. They are easy to use, and quick to assemble and disassemble facilitating neat and tidy storage. Whatever type of event you are planning or even if you just need some extra desks for the office, why not have a browse through our table hire section we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Circular Banqueting Tables - Collapsible and Stackable

Our circular banqueting tables are fantastic for a number of social and corporate events. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, can be neatly stored away and are perfect for use with our banqueting chairs. We know that any social or corporate event, needs furniture that is quick and convenient to set up, for this reason these products are fully collapsible but sufficiently strong and sturdy that they will not collapse easily. They are available in varying sizes enabling you to choose exactly the right size product for your event. They are an ideal option for a variety of events and other purposes such as weddings, conferences, and training events.

Circular Meeting Table - Versatile

Composed of two d-end modular tables this item is smart, compact and incredibly versatile. It can be separated quickly and easily and utilized as one individual table as and when required or matched together to complete one quick and easy set up. It is a great conference or meeting area table, and ideal for staff/board meetings.

Round Table Hire London | Round Table Hire Manchester

Based in London? Great! we deliver to London and the Southeast every day from our depot in this region. So whatever your furniture rental needs give us a call we are always happy to help. Located in Manchester? No problem, our depots cover the Northeast and the entire UK, so whatever your furniture needs why not give us a call and allow our staff to take you through the quick and simple process of placing your order today.