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Furniture Hire Staffordshire - As a centre for creativity, such as pottery and glass making, moorland and winding waterways, we make Staffordshire deliveries to both beautiful rustic locations, modern venues and educational establishments. Conference seating - like our black stacking and blue polyprop chairs - reveal how lots of our Staffordshire clients choose the region for corporate occasions and assessments too.

Chair Hire - Staffordshire

Educational furniture, such as our blue polyprop and lecture chairs - figure very highly regarding our Staffordshire orders. Perfect for assessments they are a good option for conferences too, as are our black stacking seats. For great versatility our Staffordshire customers also regularly choose our white folding fan back chairs, which are excellent for conferences, corporate meetings, outdoor functions and formal dinners.

Table Hire - Staffordshire

Meeting room tables ordered by our Staffordshire customers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be set up in a number of ways, creating medium, large and horseshoe-shaped configurations, so you can tailor the size you need to suit the environment. Our Staffordshire clients can also choose from different sized circular and rectangular banqueting tables, which make excellent choices for events, dinners and many functions.

Why folding tables are a great choice

When our Staffordshire clients choose from our range of products they’ll find that items are designed to be practical and convenient, as well as looking good too. Our banqueting tables for example all have a folding mechanism, which means you can get them set up very quickly indeed. This isn’t the only reason why they are so useful, the fact that the legs can be folded makes this product much easier to store, because they can be stacked.

Rapid set up of banqueting rooms, offices and event venues

Other UK products that have this folding feature are our straight desks and our modular tables. These allows our  Staffordshire to fill offices with functioning workstations in no time at all. As well as being easy to install, our straight desks are made from durable 25mm melamine that has an attractive light oak finish, perfect for those contemporary offices requiring modern looking rental furniture.

Meeting rooms are just as straightforward to fill with practical items thanks to our modular tables that can be configured to any size so you create the best workspace according to the size of your room and the number of people attending meetings.

We have folding chairs too!

What makes a better combination than a folding table and a folding chair? For both of these products our Staffordshire customers get space and storage savings, as well as affordability. Our white folding fan back chairs are one of our most cost effective products, and this combined with their elegant cut out fan design, lightweight white frame and sturdy seating experience means they’re a perfect choice for large functions.

Stacking chairs save space as well

Another storage saving option are our stacking chair and polyprop chairs. The stacking variety is designed to be piled five high and it has a very contemporary frame that suits the traditional style of the upholstered seat. Our polyprop seats are stackable to ten high and are very durable with a comfy contoured base.

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