White Barcelona Style Chair

Product code: HC126
£144.47 / 1-7 days

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Key features:
  • Modern Contemporary Design
  • Soft Touch Faux Leather
  • Chrome Steel Base
  • Luxuriously Padded Seat
  • 5-7 day lead time
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  • Height:

    760 mm
  • Width:

    750 mm
  • Depth:

    750 mm
  • Weight:

    10.00 kg

Even the name of the Barcelona style chair is exotic, hinting at Spanish sunsets, fun festivals and delicious Mediterranean food and drink - which might partly explain why our Barcelona style chair brings such a sense of elegance to your venues.

From Germany to Barcelona

The designers of the original chair were originally from a bit further north than Spain, they had roots in Germany, and designed the product for a special World Fair held in the Catalan capital in 1929. Thanks to the brilliant seat they created, Barcelona style chairs are still in demand today - and we have an ultra stylish range for you to choose from including our white product line.


So why has the design proved so enduring, well here are some of the benefits to our Barcelona style chair rental range, so you get an idea of why they’re so special.

  • White faux leather is very modern and fresh looking
  • Buttoned seat and back adds a timeless vibe
  • Deep cushioning is comfy and deluxe
  • A perfect height for our chic coffee table range

Key benefits:

White furniture hire finishes can do no wrong, they look exceptionally contemporary as they are, but you can also dress them up a bit by adding splashes of colour when you want to customise the look of your venue. Our white Barcelona style chair features a white faux leather seat where you can do exactly this. Feel free to treat the finish as a blank base from which to work from - want a funkier vibe? Then perhaps add some cushions or team this product with contrasting hues, such as our black gloss coffee tables.

Other sofas to coo over

Timeless products are those that never seem to lose their appeal and always manage to retain charm and elegance throughout the years. We stock a variety of products like this, including our Barcelona style chairs, as well as our corbusier sofas for example, which also caught the furniture industry’s eye decades ago.

Our Barcelona style chairs offer all that was amazing about those very first editions of the product, including the button seat and seat back, and the angle of the chair itself. When you choose this chair rental product you’re getting a very true representation of the original range, and what’s more, it’s just as comfy too, thanks to the deep cushioning.

Keeping it light - or add depth

As hinted above, our white barcelona style chair hire products can be combined with other items from our range, so you get bespoke venue design. Keeping a light look is easy when you opt for our circular white, or high gloss coffee tables for example, or create contrasts by mixing it up a bit, and choosing white/black Barcelona style chairs, and black/white coffee tables.

Typical uses:

Receptions, conferences, premium lounges, top end hotels, bars, meeting rooms, exhibitions, galleries