Content Is King! We Take A Closer Look...

Content Is King! We Take A Closer Look...

Our seating recently proved to be the must-have hire furniture items for an international digital marketing company. We paid a visit to the business's thriving Oxford Street office to check out how well our 20 black stacking chairs fitted into the premises.

Chairs with appeal

Located close to a very bustling Oxford Street packed with festive shoppers, we paid a visit to a company that concentrates on drawing attention to web content that will appeal to the client’s customer base. The global organisation recently hired 20 of our black stacking chairs, making the perfect seating for an important meeting at the premises.

Living without the web?

Since the internet was first launched it has slowly become an essential part of our working and home lives. It’s a great platform for entertainment, learning and connecting with other people, and many of us probably can’t imagine our lives without it!

Even when connections were slower and computers took an age to connect to the web over large modems, we still began integrating the internet into companies and our domestic lives. Thanks to massive leaps in technology we can now access the web from tiny devices and chat to others on the other side of the world as easily if they were in the room with us.

The internet can save you money

All these ways of using the internet makes catching up with others easier, and the platform gives us a way to unwind and learn about any topic in seconds. All these attributes make our working lives much easier too, and can cut companies’ costs as we send emails rather than letters, and take part in online meetings, cutting travel budgets for delegates who would otherwise book transport to venues.

Attract new customers - anywhere

Businesses also use the web as a way to attract new clients and increase their customer base - but this process can be complicated. Our recent customer recognises the need to provide content that attracts surfers and keeps them returning to specific websites. This has led to a real change in how companies can market themselves and the number of clients they’re able to reach. The web has allowed businesses to advertise themselves in very quirky and unique ways, with smaller firms becoming household names thanks to ingenious campaigns - some of which were accidental.

How to be a web sensation

You only have to look at the One Pound Fish Man who was filmed singing his own catchy tune while selling fish at a London market. The clip being put on to YouTube and quickly became a massive internet sensation. Fast forward to today, and the market trader has since appeared on the X Factor and signed a contract with Warner Music.

This is the power of the web, and it often forms an important part of companies’ advertising campaigns. We were delighted to help our recent client with their hire furniture needs for a recent meeting, supplying extra seating via our black stacking chairs. As you can glimpse from the pictures we took at the organisation, these seats look great in business environments.

Tailor seating to your location

The black seat and chrome frame is smart and classy, making them an ideal choice for in-house meetings, but they’re also fantastic when you invite potential clients to your offices and want to impress them with cutting edge presentations, decor and furnishings too. These chairs are also available in blue, so you’re free to choose the best finish for your location.

Chairs for all your marketing meetings

Whether you’re planning a long meeting, or one that only lasts minutes or hours, you’ll get all the comfort you need from our conference chairs, because of the upholstery and lumbar support.

On this occasion 20 seats were enough for our client, and when you’d like to place a large order we have all the stock you need - even when you require thousands and thousands of these items. Our large warehouses across the country allow us to deliver large number of seating to any UK location - just visit our website where you’re free to process your entire order and set up nationwide next day delivery of your rental furniture - we’ll do the rest!

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