Assessments In The City? Give Us A Call

Assessments In The City? Give Us A Call

A top organisation in the drinks industry recently placed an order for 100 of our folding exam desks. We went along to the smart, city premises to take some photos of our products, which showed how useful they are to our varied client base.

Drink up the delights

When food is delivered to our tables in restaurants or we scan menus packed full of delicious food, we can tell how much effort goes into creating and preparing these tasty meals. Although, we might overlook that drinks we order have also taken lots of energy, creativity and in regard to their creation, manufacture and presentation.

We were reminded recently of a very important and specific sector in the drinks industry and the in-depth training people take to work within it. This week we visited a client that had ordered 100 of our folding exam desks for its assessments held in a very smart office building. These items are just the product many of our customers need when they’re holding tests and we transport them across the UK to lots of different companies, from specialist schools, to state ones, as well as to many companies and cultural organisations.

School or city office? Our desks fit in!

On this occasion we visited our client’s premises to view our folding exam desks and snap a few images ahead of the organisation’s assessments. As a group dedicated to offering training and courses in its sector, we got to see our exam tables performing outside of the classic environments normally linked with tests or examinations, like schools.

Although these products are perfectly suited to those assessments in typical educational institutions, all their features make them a fantastic choice for other companies and organisations too. Rental furniture that strikes a balance between practicality and appearance is essential for lots of our customers, schools would like exam halls to look smart and tidy, just like our more corporate clients, for example. The laminated surface of this product ensures that it maintains its professional gleam over time, and if it does get marked by ink then it’s much more easy to remove. As well as a smart look, our hire exam desks are also extremely practical.

Folding desks can save you money

A really great feature is that they are very light, and the fact they are foldable makes them easy to move too. So when it comes to delivery, we stack them up in our warehouse on pallets, then move them in large batches direct to your location. Here you’re also able to transport them around your venue in large groups, installing them as you go - or we can do this for you, just let us know when you book. Because we’re able to stack up so many, delivery costs are very affordable as we’re free to load up fewer lorries with lots of products.

At the time of installation, the lightweight, yet sturdy design means you’re able to set these items up with ease. As you can see from the photos from our most recent hire exam tables client, our products are configured in a way that suits them. Instead of having all 100 tables facing in one direction, they placed half in one direction, and the remaining half facing the opposite end of the long room.

Desk configurations to suit our clients

As our customers who arrange exams frequently may be aware, it’s important that certain rules are followed in regard to furniture placement. Tables generally need to be located a specific distance from surrounding desks, and invigilators require a clear view of candidates in order to do their job correctly. Choosing products that are easy to configure as you see fit makes this entire process easier and allows our customers to design halls with their specific needs in mind.

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