Sports Centre Hosts Jobs Fair

Sports Centre Hosts Jobs Fair

A recent job’s fair recently saw 15 of our 1830mm rectangular trestle tables, 32 black stacking chairs, ten poseur tables and 20 aluminium bar stools being installed in a London leisure centre. The furniture provided a stylish and comfy way for the 700 and more people attending the function to network and chat to potential employers and financial advisors.

Leisure centre diversifies for career event

A London-based leisure centre recently had even more services on offer to the local community when it opened it’s doors for a job’s fair linked to a regeneration project that is one of the largest in Europe. With the help of our rectangular trestle tables, aluminium high bar stools, black stacking chairs and chrome poseur tables, the sports hall was transformed for the busy event, which welcomed more than 700 visitors from the local community and over 20 employers and advisors.

The many different employers, colleges and advice organisations set up stalls in order to offer tips and guidance regarding career opportunities, as well as courses and further/higher education information.

Face-to-face with our furniture hire service

When people are looking to change career or go back to education to give their CVs a boost, there are lots of different places to get some information. Some popular places may include networking sites that offer job tips, vacancies and advice, as well as dedicated telephone lines offering guidance. Although this are really accessible to most people, some expert groups suggest that face-to-face chats and meetings are particularly effective.

At your leisure

Careers organisations point out how difficult it came be to offer structured guidance via social sites or telephones as these kinds of choices are very personal decision and it’s important to assist in making informed decision, which might be easier to do in person. At the recent event large numbers of people attended this lesiure centre to do exactly this, and we were only to happy to provide a selection of products from our furniture hire range.

Take a stand

When our customers are setting up information centres, some of the most essential products are tables and chairs. On this occasion our client ordered 15 1830mm rectangular trestle tables and 32 black stacking chairs. These tables are ideal for any kind of exhibition or advice day because they provide a great solid surface to place items on.

They act as a fantastic base to design eye-catching displays, and on this occasion every different organisation, educational institution and employer designed their own unique stand. This shows how versatile our trestle table can be, with every stand having a different arrangement of leaflets, information booklets and much more.

Seating to impress - comfy too!

In addition to our trestle tables, our client also requested 32 black stacking chairs. We have lots of different chairs in stock, and these are ideal for those occasions where you’d like really stylish seating, as well as comfort too. This product line is very stylishly designed, great when you’re keen to project a professional appearance, and they’re very comfy too!

This is a result of the premium upholstery used in the cushioning and the lumbar support, which complements the curve of the back. So as well as being able to set up smart looking stands, those offering career tips could also sit very comfortably on our chrome and black stacking chairs.

Networking made easy

In the centre of the venue was a innovative looking networking centre featuring a range of employers and, educational and guidance organisations, which was created out of individual well-lit cubicles. Installed within each cubicle were our chrome poseur tables and aluminium high bar stools. Our ten poseur tables and 20 stools helped provide a stylish atmosphere to the event, potentially boosting the networking that was taking place.

With UK-wide companies, such as well known supermarkets - and some of the biggest employers in Wandsworth in attendance, it’s only fitting that the venue was prepared to appeal to both large companies and visitors arriving for the function too.

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