What Does Your Meeting Venue Say About You?

What Does Your Meeting Venue Say About You?

We recently visited a world famous art gallery and saw what a spectacular meeting location these kinds of venues make - with 80 of our black stacking chairs complementing the destination very well.

Say it with venues

Using the design of your room to reflect the goals and ethos of your company can be a really effective way of getting across who you are, what you do and how professional you are. On a recent site visit, we attended a spectacular art gallery that created a fantastic location for a meeting.

Smart stackers

Our delivery of 80 black stacking chairs to the venue highlighted how amazing locations can contribute to meetings. In fact, location and the way they are designed can say so much about your company, and we’ve put together some tips on how to match venues to reflect your business.

1. Go minimal for maximum impact

When you want to project a very sleek and professional looking image, a minimalist approach to your furniture hire can help you do this. Choosing products from our range that feature strong lines and a simple design contributes to a minimalist vibe to venues.

Top items to create this kind of ambiance are our black cube seating and our high gloss coffee tables. Both of these come in statement finishes and shapes. The leather finish of our black cube seat is sleek and perfectly complements our coffee tables, which come in both black and white.

2. Tried, tested and traditional

Companies that favour traditional looks to their meeting rooms can bring an air of success and professionalism to venues. We have a large selection of products that have a traditional design, with one of our most popular ranging featuring our stacking chairs – which were ordered and installed on the art gallery premises.

The shape of these seats is classic and stylish, and the photos show how well it fit into the venue, complementing the rich artworks on the walls. We have a range of other products that also have a traditional feel to boost the professional and decadent atmosphere in venues – such as our executive boardroom table, which has a deep walnut finish , a perfect match for our executive leather manager’s chair

3. Contemporary and comfortable

Minimalism is a very modern look, but a contemporary look can be achieved using our furniture hire ranges that are a little more opulent. For example, we have a range of soft seating, including our deep cushioned natural fabric sofas, as well as our Corbusier and tub chairs. Arranged around our coffee tables, such as our walnut coffee table, you’re able to design both contemporary and comfortable meeting spaces.

Our soft seating is just one element to our modern furniture hire range, you can also order our chrome poseur tables and match them with our stools for chic and fashionable networking centres, while our office furniture allows you to welcome potential clients on to stylish and contemporary premises.

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