Why You Should Become An Exhibitionist!

Why You Should Become An Exhibitionist!

We recently delivered a huge batch of products to a large exhibition, smoothly and efficiently transporting separate orders to over 30 different cubicles, with exhibitors utilising large numbers of our products for their displays, including our modular tables, bookcases and chrome poseur tables and aluminium stools.

Become an Exhibitionist

Getting involved in exhibitions not only gives businesses a way to promote their brands, but also boost opportunities to network and meet customers face-to-face. We recently attended an annual exhibition in central London and supplied many individual exhibitors with our furniture.

Helping you spread brand awareness

Although we made one large furniture hire London delivery, each customer received their items direct to their cubicle, and to show how well all this was organised we’ve taken some photos of us assisting in the set up of this busy function.

Spreading awareness of brands or introducing new products to the press and consumers, is probably easier than ever thanks to the internet. Potential buyers can join specific online groups to get updates of items they’re interested in and hear all the latest news. Although the web is a really powerful marketing tool, exhibitions and trade shows never lose their popularity.

Impress the press

A very important element of exhibitions is meeting the press and those writers and commentators that can spread the word about your new product line or service. The recent event we attended gave businesses the chance to do exactly this. Once news about companies is published in trade magazines or online via the press, then more and more consumers will see it. Having an amazing stand that really stands out from the others could lead to more networking opportunities, and we’re very glad to see that our furniture hire products were helping exhibitors with this - and you can trust us to do exactly the same with your event!

Organised from the get-go

The logistics of processing many orders at the same time, transporting all items together, then ensuring each of our clients gets the furniture delivered straight to their cubicle is complicated, especially when lots of exhibitors are setting up stands at the same time - resulting in a very busy venue. We know that events such as these require ultimate organisation, and like all other orders we take, planning for them starts from the second they’re processed.

From the moment an order is completed our customers come under the care of one agent, so communication is exceptionally smooth and good working relationships develop. On this occasion our agent looked after over 30 customers exhibiting at the venue, and processed orders for lots of our furniture that makes a great impression in stalls, from our walnut poseur tables, to our aluminium stools, bookcases, mobile TV caddies and trestle tables.

Upstairs, downstairs

Next, our experienced delivery team loaded up our fleet and headed to the busy venue, unloading all the items efficiently amid the bustle of the event. At this point, we made sure we had two agents plus our transport team, to smoothly install all our furniture into over 30 different cubicles, some of which were located on a second level.

As you can see from the photos, we set up our ‘nerve centre’, with one agent overseeing all aspects of the installations, while a second provided support to the transport team, making sure all items were delivered to the correct locations. As we had several staff on the floor, we were also able to answer any customer queries and make any last minute requests from clients.

Experts in customer care

We like to fully commit ourselves to giving our clients an exceptional customer care experience, which is why our agents are available, before, during and after events. We reminded our customers to call us at anytime should they have any queries, and our agents made sure they met as many customers as possible, in case our clients had any questions.

Taking away our furniture efficiently is just as important as the install, and our agents were back on the ground to oversee this and provide any information needed to our consumers. We’re pleased to report that the complex nature of a large exhibition like this proved no barrier to our reps and transport team, and look forward to all the future exhibitions, symposiums and trade fairs ahead!

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