Want An Exclusive Party Vibe? Check This Out!

Want An Exclusive Party Vibe? Check This Out!

A classy members club with fantastic views across London was the recent location for our chrome poseur tables - take a look to see how they complement the wonderful views!

How deluxe is also affordable

As you can imagine from a city like London, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs that offer something for all tastes. It’s also a fantastic city when you want a really deluxe experience thanks to all the private members’ clubs available.

What makes you exclusive?

But what is it that sets an exclusive location apart from one that feels more everyday? We recently visited a top class London venue that only opens its doors to a select few, and we got to see how you can raise the bar from average to exceptional. Take a look at our top tips to see how it’s done!

1. It’s all about entrances

What appears to be true about private members clubs, is that they can initially appear quite discreet in terms of their entrances. This is possibly because they do not need to over advertise where they are because members know where to find them. This means that keeping a lower profile is sufficient and allows those visiting these locations to feel part of an exclusive group.

Getting the balance between discreet but still identifiable can be achieved in different ways. The premises of our latest client was subtly distinct from surrounding premises thanks to the smart doormen and stylish awning advertising the club. We have several furniture hire options that can set your establishment apart from others and result in the same deluxe vibe. Our black stretch barriers for example are smart, but also help to add a subtle VIP look to entrances, perfect for private members’ clubs.

2. Space to mingle

It’s really important to make the best use of the space you have available. When rooms are smaller you might be tempted to fill them with lots of seating and tabling, but this could result in venues feeling crammed - leaving little room to mingle. To avoid this happening in the first place always make sure that halls are large enough for all the guests expected so they can sit comfortably, and also have enough space to chat and enjoy entertainment you’ve arranged.

This approach definitely added to the exclusive atmosphere at the club we visited recently, with clear space featuring just our poseur tables there was an open, inviting area for guests to chat and move easily around.

3. Views are news!

When you have an amazing cityscape outside of your venue, whether this is London, Edinburgh or Liverpool, it makes sense to make it a feature within your location. There’s only so much you can do in terms of bringing light into your club, especially when premises are historic or listed. For our recent client, they utilised the balcony area. Hugging the length of the room, doors opened on to the rich dark wood balcony giving guests the chance to admire the city skyline.

These open areas bring both space and light to rooms, and offering members comfy furniture and making the area look great can add the wow factor to occasions. Here our client used some rich greenery to add warmth, and installed our chrome poseur tables to supply chic surfaces for refreshments and snacks.

4. Chrome counts - walnut’s good too

Just a quick peek at our pics from the day shows how dark wood is used to create an exclusive feel to venues. Whether you have an office, bar, meeting room or reception where you want a decadent, smart look - woods like walnut really assist you in achieving this - another reason why we’ve added walnut poseur tables and stools to our furniture rental range. Here, our clients opted for sophisticated chrome, this is also stylish, with the polished surface and post bringing a chic sophistication to the location.

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