Why Is White Furniture The New Black?

Why Is White Furniture The New Black?

Six of our 1600mm white desks and pedestals were recently installed in a London office, and we called in to see how the fresh, clean finish brought a modern look and more light into the location.

In with the white!

Black furniture, whether it’s a decadent Barcelona chair, practical polyprop or stylish cube seat embodies a smart look and never seems to go out of fashion. But there’s a new finish taking the furniture hire world by storm - white! Ever since we launched our white pedestals, desks and tables they’ve become a very popular option for office furniture, as well as events and film sets too.

Why this finish works...

If you’re not sure which product line suits your premises or function the best, then our guide might help shed some light on whether the chic white finish of these items makes the most sense for you!

1. Fresh, modern look

Thinking about the tone you want to achieve with your furniture goes some way in establishing your perfect furniture rental product line. Our walnut meeting room table, pedestals, coffee tables and poseur tables/stools have a rich classy look perfect for those VIP locations or executive offices, while our light oak range is modern and brings a feeling of stylish warmth to offices, receptions conferences and any other locations.

When you opt for white, you immediately add an ultra-contemporary and elegant vibe to your premises thanks to the clean lines and fresh finish of this range. This allows you to impress on your clients a modern and forward thinking image - great for those all-important first impressions and those that follow.

2. Make offices feel bigger

Space - sometimes our customers have so much of it to fill! Others might need to work with what they have, setting up rental furniture in a way that maximises the room available. We have options for all these situations - when you have a huge space, feel free to divide it with our freestanding screens for example. Smaller spaces can benefit from our folding desks and tables, which are easily stored when they’re not in use, so they don’t take up precious space. Another tip to make smaller-sized rooms feel bigger, is to use light. Our white furniture is a fantastic option for this, because our desks, tables and pedestals draw light around the room, helping to eliminate shadows.

3. Get stylish contrasts in seconds!

The design of your location is unique and is a really effective way to create atmosphere and reflect your brand. For a chic style, light oak desks and tables are perfect, while an ultra-glam feel can be achieved via our chrome poseur tables and bistros. When you’re striving for a super-modern look then you can take a tip from our customers - by contrasting our white furniture with black product lines. For example, why not install our black corbusiers’ next to our white gloss coffee tables for extra chic seating areas, or team our square white poseur tables with our medium backed stools with black leather seat for real WOW factor.

There are so many different possibilities and variations, another reason why white furniture is joining our black, light oak and walnut range to be very popular indeed.

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