World's Strongest Chair?

World's Strongest Chair?

We visited a construction company to find that our black polyprop chairs are indeed robust enough for building sites!

New beginnings

Moving into a brand new home can bring lots of excitement and plans for decor, new furnishings and the general buzz of new beginnings! As homeowners we might think about all kinds of things, such as bathroom fittings, paint schemes and the latest kitchen appliances we want. One thing many of us tend not to think about it the whole process of getting our new properties constructed and built.

Seating for safety meeting

It’s hard to miss the impact that the recession had on the housing market, but we got to see how a major construction firm is helping to stimulate the economy and provide new homes for people to live in during one of our recent client visits. Travelling to a fantastic spot on the Thames we called in to take some photos of our seating that was being used for an important meeting where construction workers gathered to learn more about safety on building sites. Getting to see the part-finished building really opened our eyes to the hard work and meticulous planning that is needed so the construction of new properties is smooth and accident free.

Robust and ready!

Completion of part of the site is expected next March, and the height of the building will rise impressively to 44 storeys. We think that the 350 black polyprop chairs ordered for the meeting was a perfect choice, and showed that this chair hire range is robust enough for construction sites, and here’s the two main reasons why…

1. Polyprop seat

Made from injection-moulded plastic, the seat of our polyprop chairs might as well be indestructible! As a singular piece of plastic, there aren’t any weak points that can occur when chairs are made using joinery techniques. This ensures that polyprop chairs maintain their shape and are built for the long haul. Because they are so robust they’re popular for organisations that want to store them, set them up then dismantle them time and time again - they won’t let you down.

Easy to clean

The finish of the seat is also weather and stain resistant - perfect for areas such as building sites where dust can build up, all that’s required to get our polyprop chair hire range looking as good as new is a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

2. Steel frame

The steel frame is another top feature of our black and blue polyprop chairs that makes them perfect for locations like building sites, and other places where you’re organising a multi-seating environment. Whether you’re looking for seating for schools, construction companies or conferences, our polyprop chairs are ideal, because they can be easily stacked thanks to the design of the tubular steel frame. This ensures each and every chair is very strong, but also light, so they’re straightforward to lift and stack, either for storage or for quick installations and dismantling.

We have a range of seating for all types of occasions, and for extra comfort you might like our stacking chairs, while our white folding chairs offer some extra elegance at an ultra affordable rate.

"We can't actually prove this is the World's Strongest Chair - but we're pretty proud of it's performance!"

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