Keeping It Simple - When To Strip Back Your Venue

Keeping It Simple - When To Strip Back Your Venue

We visited a central London gallery and got some great pictures of 12 walnut stools and five walnut poseur tables, which really complemented the surrounding minimalist decor.

Unique furniture rental for unique venues...

Every client site we visit is completely unique, and we recently got to see how stripping back venues can create an ultra elegant and contemporary vibe. This worked perfectly for the art event to follow, and the balance between venue design and the function itself was entirely evident. When you’d also like a location that is minimalistic how far should you go with decor?

Here are three of our top tips to help you decide whether going for the beautiful bare essentials is right for you!

1. Take a good look around

Exposed brick, visible pipework and bare concrete floors might sound a bit like a building site but we’ve been to many site visits where these three main ‘ingredients’ resulted in stunning locations for many different kinds of events, from film festivals to fashions show and business networking events. When you’re going to make a bit of a feature of the premises itself, it’s a good idea to check the surrounding venue is suitable and safe.

Say goodbye to hazards

For our most recent visits for example, the white washed brick walls looked modern, and the bare wood flooring stylish yet complementary to the surrounding minimalist feel. When you’re going for simplistic, check the venue is safe and that those bare bricks don’t hide possible live wiring, the pipes don’t leak and floor is even and free from tripping hazards.

2. Think about the focus of the function

When you have a main focus for your occasion - whether this is a presentation, debate, product launch or art exhibition, then minimalist design can work in your favour. This is because your venue is less likely to detract attention from talks, speakers or art pieces. Just a quick look at our photos shows how the whitewashed walls acted as the perfect canvas for the art, so they stood out even more. Our 12 walnut stools and five walnut poseur tables complemented the gallery, providing seating that is smart, classy without overshadowing the prints.

3. Select just a few essentials

In addition to thinking about the focus of the event - whether this is to show off products, present new marketing campaigns or exhibit art - it’s also helpful to spend a few minutes contemplating what your guests may actually be doing at your function - will they be seated for talks, or milling around networking, or simply taking in exhibits in their own time? Establishing this can help you see how much space you’d like to keep clear and assists you in making your furniture rental decision.

Simplistic style - or more?

As the photos show from our latest site visit, there was much space reserved for chatting, talking, mingling and admiring artworks. Our walnut poseur tables are the ideal choice for events where these activities take place, because they supply useful, decadent surfaces for refreshments, and don’t take up much room. For presentations and talks we have a fantastic range of stacking chairs, which are comfy and stackable, while our soft seating is often a popular choice for networking occasions - simply install tub chairs, corbusiers or our cube seating for instant meeting areas!

As you can see, whatever your furniture hire needs - from sleeky simple, to large orders for practical comfy seating - we have everything you’ll need!