An Englishman's Home Is His...

An Englishman's Home Is His...

Flats, bungalows, houses and castles - every home should have a party when it's been developed, but what furniture should you never forget?

Rain’s not a pain with our range!

Located in Gillingham, our recent client was throwing a party to mark the end of the first phase of redevelopment regarding residential flats, with final completion expected in Spring 2015. Our team went along to photograph our white folding fan back chairs and some of our other outdoor furniture, which had been used for the outside celebration.

Are You In Or Out? Or Perhaps Both?

Around 50 of our white folding rental seating range had been hired by our property management and development client, in addition to three chrome poseur tables, and four rectangular banqueting tables, two 1830mm trestle tables and two 1220mm trestle tables. These make great choices for events that are held inside and outside, but what should you consider when you're thinking about using the great outdoors as the backdrop to your party. We took some tips from our recent client visit to put together this list just for you.

1. Avoid getting rained-off

There was a time when rain meant that tennis tournaments at Wimbledon would be postponed for days, and days, and even more days, just because of some heavy rain. This is still a clear memory for some, but fans watching in recent years know that when it showers the roof of Centre Court goes on. It might take a few minutes, but once the courts are covered then the fun can continue.

Ceilings in seconds

We think it's a handy idea to think in a similar way and perhaps provide some kind of outdoor cover, even when the forecast features those bright yellow shiny suns! Our recent client simply erected a small marquee, very convenient in case of showers, but can also provide respite from direct sunlight for those feeling a bit too warm.

2. Put up some resistance

By this we don't mean stand in the ways of plans for an outdoor party – simply make sure you have the right clothing for poorer weather, and select furniture rental products that are weather resistant. We actually have quite a few products that can be used outside, such as our polyprop chairs, and our white folding fan back chairs, which were chosen for this event. They both feature a robust plastic seat, in addition to steel frames that avoid rust.

Bring on the English summer!

As well as being able to hire chairs that withstand the best and worst of an English summer, our chrome poseur tables are equally hardy. Tall with a stylish contemporary finish, they're perfect for both indoor use, for parties and receptions, as well as outdoor balls, weddings and parties like this. For matching seating our high aluminium stools also feature a weather resistant finish – all you'll need is a dry cloth to wipe them with after rain and they're good to go.

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