We Can’t Believe These Hairstyles!

We Can’t Believe These Hairstyles!

We recently saw how amazing hairstyles are created - and got very curious about all that’s wonderful, wild and record breaking about hair.

The mane focus

We were lucky enough to visit an international salon chain recently as expert stylists gave live demonstrations on colouring, cutting and styling hair. We supplied 100 black stacking chairs for the occasion, and you can check out our pics here. While visiting the client we got an insight into this massive industry that’s been around for thousands of years - time enough for some record breaking chair styles!

Worth a bob or two...

Figures from Habia show that the health & beauty industry is worth 6.2 billion every year in the UK - a figure not to be snipped at! But it’s not just recent times where both men and women have devoted their time and money to getting the perfect barnet... One glance at ancient paintings, show doing this was common way back in Ancient Egypt where hair was perfectly styled.

Hairy important tips!

It’s no surprise that along the way there have been some amazing, jaw dropping hairstyles, and if you fancy breaking some records - then take a look at how some of the follically gifted have done exactly this.

1. Take the long road

It might seem a bit too simple, but just letting your hair grow might be all you have to do to become a record breaker. There are lots of people around the world growing their luscious locks in a bid to win this title, but according to the Guinness World Records the winner is Xie Qiuping from China whose hair measured a very lengthy 5.627 metres in 2004. She’d started growing her hair long from the age of 13 - so she must be very used to removing her hair from the plug hole by now.

2. Style it up!

As well as sitting back and letting your follicles do the work to break the ‘longest hair’ record, you could also get a bit creative with the look of you ‘do. Be warned, your employer, general public and even your friends might not be as welcoming to the idea, especially if you try to break the 2.66 metre high style created in Austria in 2009. This immense tower was formed using the person’s real hair, with some fake pieces included. As we mentioned, although you might claim the highest hair title for yourself, you might have a bit of difficulty going about your normal business.

3. Make a profit?

An international superstar? Well if not, this one probably won’t get you much money, but it might be worth a try. People across the world sell their hair for many different reasons. Some sell it on to make hair pieces/extensions for those who require them, while others might simply donate their locks to charity. The hair of international singers, artists and those ultra famous people can pull in a lot of money, and the most priciest belonged to the King himself - Elvis Presley, whose clippings sold for £72, 791 in 2002… so in the word’s of the man himself… is it Now or Never to start breaking some records?

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