Why To Bring Bricks To Your Meetings

Why To Bring Bricks To Your Meetings

A stunning view in a meeting can be an asset and if you want to add some interesting features to your office check out our outlandish list!

Making venues brilliant

We’ve seen our furniture in all kinds of places, and this week we photographed 90 our white folding fan back chairs in a brilliant TV and media services company. Based in London, the office features floor-to-ceiling windows, great lighting and our white chairs were a fitting match for the modern decor.

Pass the brick - and more

Meetings with London as a backdrop can act as a great talking point, and gives colleagues and guests the feeling they’re in the heart of a successful city. But some entrepreneurs and business leaders don’t stop at fantastic views - here is a list of interesting and quirky features some bring to meetings and their offices.

1. Slip-sliding away

We probably all know that feeling - you need to be at a meeting but your legs can’t carry you fast enough… well at Ticketmaster’s UK office there’s a slide to help you get around the premises a little quicker than walking would. The location is designed to be fun and the layout means there’s more opportunity for colleagues from different teams to meet and chat.

2. Dry your eyes

The British stiff upper lip might have a bit of difficulty doing this one! The Huffington Post reports how Andrew Angus from Switch Video isn’t afraid of showing his feelings in meetings, and has been known to shed a tear or two. He explained to the website how it helps him get rid of stress, remember to bring some extra tissues if you want to put this tip into action!

3. Most messiest desk?

Desks of busy people might be a constant challenge to keep ordered, neat and tidy, so we think the one used in advertising agency Mother might be the messiest of all. This is because the company premises features one huge desk for all employees to sit around. The company wanted to avoid hierarchies forming and aims to get the company talking together as a whole.

4. When you need a timeout

When employees at Wieden & Kennedy get a bit stressed at work, then they have a specially designed room at their disposal. The premises have a padded cell that’s been finished in calming green, so colleagues can take a timeout from their day if they fancy it. It also doubles up as a conference call centre - making those phone meetings very chilled?

5. Throw in the brick...

A piece of concrete and a ball might not be your first choice of items to bring to a meeting… but Robert Castaneda from ServiceRocket told the Huffington Post how he’s called on these items before. He explains how he uses them to illustrate the variety of ways to hand over individual projects, by getting colleagues to pass the brick and ball around and discussing how they handled them differently.

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