A Car You Can Live In?

A Car You Can Live In?

We were privileged to see some classic cars at a recent exhibition, which got our appetite going for some really rare motors.

The inside track

It’s not everyday that we get to visit a venue big enough for a road! As well as being able to view a huge number of ultra polished, curved and stunning examples of classic vehicles, visitors could get to see them in motion on a specially designed inside track.

Freaky fanbase?

Events like this are perfect locations for our ropes and poles, as you can use them to cordon off precious and pricey exhibits so they’re less likely to be accidentally damaged. Classic, vintage and top-of-the range motors are just some that attract attention, here is our list of others that have their own fanbase!

1. It’s Quackers!

As car design evolves, they seem to get leaner and sleeker, but this does not apply to this motor - which is shaped like a duck, and you can check it out here. This totally quackers design features a large tent-like construction that fits over the entire shell of the car. It comes complete with a bright yellow finish and a red bill - what the duck!?

2. Go greener - literally

Green features in cars are incredibly important, with some vehicles specifically made to reduce our carbon footprints. This particular model is green in a different way - it is entirely covered in grass. This eye-catching look might not be as effective at reducing climate change as those running on electricity and biofuels, but it’s a good way to attract attention to cars and the environment, which we think the addition of grass does nicely.

3. Car that’s a house

We all know of the children’s story about the woman who lived in a shoe, and now there’s a real story of a car that also acts as a house! Complete with a turret and balcony, this motor could be a money saver - but we don’t expect it to be in mass production anytime soon!

4. Divorce division

A car owner showed how he was taking the division of belongings following his divorce very literally when he took the family car and cut it right down the middle between the bonnet and the boot. He added the note ‘Divorced She Got 1/2’ to the vehicle - but we think he might have a bit of difficulty selling his (or her!) half on.

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