You Found What On A Building Site?

You Found What On A Building Site?

If you think hire furniture is a strange thing to find at a building site - then check out some of these other construction discoveries…

A site for sore eyes

When you think of a building site, you might not imagine seeing rental black operators chairs, bookcases, folding desks and trestle tables there, but this is exactly what you’d find at a London construction site. Our client needed some office furniture on a long-term hire basis, so we went along to see it in action.

Top Four Finds...

We’ve include some pics here of our furniture, and we also got interested in really unusual things found at building sites, some of which we’d love to uncover ourselves - others not so much.

1. The web - of a different kind

Fear of spiders is quite a common one, but in reality they don’t really cause that much bother. There was a bit of a different story in Texas when road builders came across a spider that was so rare the whole multi-million pound building project ground to a halt so protect the habitat of the creature. The last time the Braken Bat Cave Meshweaver arachnid was spotted was over thirty years previous to this more recent discovery.

2. Game’s on!

Some ball games are practically global - like football and cricket. Workers on a construction site in Mexico stumbled on an ancient Mayan game court - for a sport that we’re quite glad didn’t get popular across the world!

Experts say that this population played games since 1,400BC, and this site featured vertical rings set on walls, with competitors aiming balls into the hoops. This sounds like good fun, but another aspect to some Mayan games was human sacrifice, with drawings showing players given up as offerings to gods - we think sticking to trophies for competitors might be less gruesome.

3. Duck & cover

The impact of WWI and WWII on British and European cities was huge, with some areas needing massive re-development. The effects of bombing above ground is well known… but what about dangers still hiding under the ground? Builders in Serbia’s capital Belgrade uncovered a German bomb weighing a huge one-ton, and what’s more… it was live. It was removed and underwent a controlled explosion after the area was evacuated.

4. Girl’s best friend!

It’s not only building sites that features some of these unlikely things - you might even come across a surprising discovery in your own home. Tim Jones from the US bought a new home and started renovating - only to be presented with a bag of diamonds found by contractors working on the premises. The building had previously been a jewellery store, and the diamonds were believed to be hidden by the old owner - so maybe it’s time to get started on that extension, you never know what you could find.

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