Supersize Small Spaces…

Supersize Small Spaces…

At a recent exhibition we saw how our furniture can make the most of smaller spaces, and here are our top tips for you.

Petite Promoting?

Exhibitions are the perfect location to promote your brand, products and network with potential customers. This puts quite a lot of pressure on you and the space you’ve hired to stand out in all the right ways. We visited a client at a large marketing and technology event and were impressed how they utilised their exhibition set-up with our tub chairs and walnut coffee tables, making it inviting, comfortable and an area where meetings could take place.

We’ve put together a list of all the different ways that you can make the most of those smaller spaces at events and in your offices too.

1. Do Digital

Many offices are fully digital because this can save you money and is better for the environment too. Another way going paperless may benefit your company is that it also preserves your storage space - both at the offices and events too. If you’re already a digital company, storing info within online networks, in clouds or on monitors, there’s no reason to change when you go to trade shows.

If you’re yet to go digital then why not give it a go, you’ll spend less on stationery, won’t have to store it and you’re able to easily backup data.

2. Grand stand!

Our recent client provided comfy seating areas via our one seater tub sofas. This gave visitors to the exhibition space a place to sit down and chat with our client, look over online documents and network. Providing seats is a great way to add comfort and in small areas fewer products work best. If you’re worried that you might need additional seating, simply take a tactic used in today’s modern offices, where there is a trend for standing meetings.

Doing so is reported to boost productivity, but it’s also a great technique when space is on the smaller size. We have a great range of poseur tables that are perfect for stand-up meetings and can be used in conjunction with soft seating too, such as our walnut poseur tables.

3. Make It Mobile

Using smaller devices at events - such as iPads and other tablets - won’t take up much space, and it’s a great way to show that you’re a modern company who doesn’t shy away from incorporating the latest products into the running of your business. These can be used to capture data quickly, show visitors information about your company, as well as taking photos of the event and uploading to your social media, so you’re not only promoting at the exhibition, but online too.

4. Go Up - Not Out

Despite going paperless and only using smaller digital devices, you might still have a need for storage at your event or in your office. We have some space saving options that take advantage of the height of exhibition areas, so you’re able to store up - rather than out! Our wooden bookcase with three shelves and 1830mm double door cupboard are roomy and tall, giving several shelves for all your items. You’re also free to use our bookcases as a way of personalising your promotion space adding accessories to bring character to the exhibition space.


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