Take A Hair Chair...

Take A Hair Chair...

We saw hair being taken to a whole new level at a recent event, and as we found out, this was only the start!

Mane Attraction

We recently attended the Pro Hair Live Event at London Olympia, to take some photos of our furniture in use. As you can imagine from a busy and large venue like this, the client used our products in a variety of locations around the site. By taking a look at our photos, you can see our high bar stools and chrome poseur tables in the restaurant area, our black conference chairs in seminar zones and our ropes and poles around exhibit.

Shampoo your clothes!?

There were many stands offering innovative new hair styling and care products, while one exhibit that stood out for us was by Balmain. Our ropes and poles surrounded mannequins that were all wearing costumes made from hair, and as we have found out, clothing is just one of the unusual uses for hair that we’ve recently come across…

1. Tresses to tunic

Hair extension seller Balmain is one of many companies that has fashioned hair into all sorts of eye-catching costumes. In fact this product has been used in clothing for a very long time, and there are some very experimental outfits out there. Another that caught our eye in news stories was a tunic made by Vietnamese hairdresser Kim Do. This creation was not a simple and short design, the item of clothing actually features one million metres of dyed hair collected from 54 different people. The head to toe creation even bears the shape of a dragon on the front.

2. Let your garden grow

Many of us spend money on buying the best products for our crowning glory, and there were plenty on sale at Pro Hair Live. But did you know your hair can be used to help other things grow… such as plants? SmartGrow is a company that recognised how hair woven into mats can be used to protect growing plants and roots. The organisation sells the mats featuring imported hair to gardeners who want to guard plants against insects and poor weather.

3. Putting the hair in chair

We stumbled on this invention with great interest as it features the furniture industry. In order to find a more environmentally friendly option than fiberglass, former hair dresser Ronald Thompson decided to make a chair out of hair clippings. The tresses were gathered from around salons in London and he’s collected over 10,400 tons of the stuff! We admire the hard work this takes, and if we start stocking hair chairs, you’ll be the first to know...

4. All that glitters

It’s very true that all that glitters is not gold, especially when it comes to hair jewellery. This is quite an ancient practice, and hair has been transformed into delicate necklaces and other types of jewellery for thousands of years. Every so often this practice will make a comeback in the Western world. More recently art student Kerry Howley recently created a collection of hair jewellery at Middlesex University, called Attraction/Aversion. If you’re looking for that special something for a loved one, it might be better to go the more traditional route though!

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