So… You Want To Be A Jedi Knight?

So… You Want To Be A Jedi Knight?

As our recent client visit shows, students around the UK are revising hard for exams, but some of these subjects might surprise you!

Welcome the revision?

We recently called in to see a client who had hired 55 of our exam desks, which you can see in photos here. Our customer was hosting in-house assessments and we were delighted to help out. We hire out exam tables and chairs to all sorts of organisations, including schools, universities and the corporate sector too, but we’ve never seen such unusual subjects as some of those listed below…

Here is our top five list of degree subjects, some form part of a larger module while others are complete courses in their own right!

1. Savour that saber?

Star Wars is one of those movie franchises that is appreciated across many generations and has a very firm fan following. If you just can’t get enough of the movies, then you’ll love a course that was run by Queen’s University in Belfast. Those signing up to ‘Feel The Force: How To Train In The Jedi Way’ could learn all about the Jedis in the Star Wars movies, with topics covering mind trickery, fatherhood and fascism. You probably have to leave your lightsabers at home though.

2. Norse course

The Vikings are generally perceived to be a powerful, strong and quite brutal people who raided and traded their way around Northern Europe, and we continue to be interested in them century after century. University College London is know offering you the chance to learn more about this historical group via its Viking Studies course. The degree looks at the history, language and myths surrounding Vikings, among other topics, and students even get to spend a year abroad in Scandinavia.

3. A hole in one

When people play golf, they tend to get the golf bug! It’s always great when someone in your life loves their hobby so much, as it gives you lots of ideas what to buy them for gifts for birthdays, Christmases and any other celebration. Now there’s another level that fans of the sport can enjoy via the University Of Birmingham’s Applied Golf Management course. The institute has teamed up with the Professional Golfers’ Association to learn more about the theory of managing the game, as well as including time for all-important practice.

4. Be afraid

Zombies are everywhere aren’t they? They’re on the TV, they’re at the cinema, they are usually lots at fancy dress parties, and you can even take part in organised fun while they chase you down the street. Now you can also find them in a course thanks to the University of Baltimore’s film module that analyses cinema classics featuring the undead… such as The Walking Dead, Zombieland and British flick 28 Days Later, not for the faint hearted!

5. At home with Homer

The Simpsons is another screen classic that is enjoyed by both younger and older viewers. The animated family are a favourite with many people across the world, and those that want to look at the series in a different way can register for an unusual course at the University of California. The Simpsons and Philosophy module considers the teachings of philosophers, like Nietzsche and Plato, and sees how they can be applied to the programme, revision for this subject might come easier than other more traditional degrees!

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