Cardbored? Never!

Cardbored? Never!

Cardboard might not sound like a hi-tech product, but we saw it in a very different light recently at a global event.

Back To Brilliant Basics

Our client was recently involved in the prestigious World Architecture Festival hosted in London, and we went along to take some photos of our black cube seating, black polyprop chairs, as well as our circular banqueting tables and table cloths. When we think of architecture we might think of those amazing soaring buildings, such as the Shard, or the Gherkin in our capital. These types of buildings are feats of design, engineering and imagination too.

Our Top 3 Cardboard Creations...

But we saw a very simple material providing an equally inspiring backdrop to the festival, which you can see pictured here. The white cardboard and it’s smooth, flowing lines contrasted with the utilitarian ambiance of the actual building resulting in a really creative event space. We got interested in what else cardboard has been used for, and here are our top three favourite products that we came across…

1. Simple suction

Like buildings, vacuums are becoming increasingly technical and there are many different manifestations on the market. From the upright variety featuring all kinds of miraculous mechanisms that clean and turn easily, to the canister type, and those that we can even call ‘robotic’ as they appear to work independently! Now there’s also a vacuum made from cardboard. We think that this could result in a light, easy-to-move product that might make this particular chore a bit less difficult.

2. Radio revolution

Digital radios can make finding your ideal station an absolute breeze. There’s less twiddling of buttons or bending of aerials to try and tune into a DJ, and then do it all again when the wind changes!? You can now chuck out your heavy, outdated radios in favour of those that are green, very portable and can be plugged into your iPod with ease. You still get a bit of a retro feel thanks to the telescopic aerial on the cardboard radio.

3. On your bike...

Cycling is already thought of as one of those environmentally-friendly activities, there’s no emissions and it can also help you get in shape. Now you can improve the green credentials of your cycling even more by getting a cardboard bike - we kid you not! Apart from the tires made from recycled car wheels, the bike is made almost entirely from corrugated cardboard that is covered in a waterproof treatment and then painted. This bike is reported to be going into commercial production with prices quoted at around $250.

So next time you open an item packaged in cardboard, or take your shopping home in boxes - just imagine what could result from this basic material!

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