In The Steps Of Winston Churchill…

In The Steps Of Winston Churchill…

There’s not many places that are the spiritual home of boxing, a hangout for royalty and a regular haunt of past a Prime Minister - but we’ve found one!

The Sumptuous Sector

We’re very lucky at Furniture Hire UK because providing products to all sorts of locations allows us to glimpse into lots of different industries and premises. Our customers work in all sectors and we were recently delighted to visit a sumptuous, award winning and historic hotel where we provided 70 black lecture chairs and 8 padded stools.

Royalty on Regent Street

The venue’s rich background and fantastic landmark location on Regent Street hasn’t only impressed us, but a long line of many people famous in the arts, politics and the royal family too, including Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, David Bowie, Oscar Wilde and many more.

Diversifying is something many businesses aim for, as it can increase customer bases and consequently enhance income. We were really interested to learn how this visit to see our client gave us an insight into how much one location can offer, and if you’re looking for some tips then our short guide might prove useful.

1. Schedule a show...

The hotel we called into actually started out as a cafe originally. Its doors first opened in 1865 and behind its beautiful iconic exterior the interior has been transformed and recently renovated to provide 160 guestrooms, 55 suites, as well as serene places to unwind and utterly decadent bars, dining rooms and a ballroom with columned terrace.

It makes perfect sense for the location to provide all sorts of entertainment, including its popular Salon Des Artistes events run by the Black Cat, which include cabaret entertainment from exclusive acts. The beautiful setting with its gilded mirrors and rich furnishings is an ideal venue for these spectacular shows. Being able to put your space to good use by providing entertainment is a great way to welcome more visitors to your premises.

2. Be a heavyweight

Offering something unusual is another way to attract the attention of potential customers. Our recent client offers a fantastic range of activities that all have that something special. These include being able to take one-on-one boxing classes with featherweight champion boxer Marianne Marston, who has trained with Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Boxing has a special association with the hotel as this is where the guidelines for the ‘Queensberry Rules’ were first established in 1867, which is a code still followed in the modern version of the sport.

3. Serene spas...

If you’re operating as a hotel, guest house or other type of establishment, such as a gym, then you’re well placed to capitalise on the universal need to relax and unwind. Spas are such a good way to make your premises really diverse and who doesn’t appreciate a bit of rest and relaxation. Our client’s spa is just what you’d expect from a five star establishment, featuring an opulent lap pool, saunas, steam room and treatment areas. If you’re thinking of installing a spa then clever use of space and decor can help transform disused rooms into havens of tranquility.

4. Toy time!

As mentioned, being unique in some way can set you above the competition. It’s important to work with your budget and be creative with the possibilities. Our client offers a range of different packages that are made even more special because of their uniqueness. For example, guests can get exclusive access and a VIP tour of the oldest toy shop on the globe Hamleys, when they buy the Hamleys Family Time package, as well as other perks such as free goody bags, in-room movies and popcorn.

Packages for all budgets

Whether your budget is smaller or larger, you may find it’s easier than you think to arrange excursions and in-room entertainment for guests. Approaching local shops, boutique outlets and nearby attractions could result in some mutual benefits for all!

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