Out Of This World Weddings!

Out Of This World Weddings!

A stunning and historic venue is a popular bride and groom’s dream when it comes to wedding venues, and for those who fancy something a bit extreme there are many locations available too!

Special seating...

Our client recently hired 75 of our limewash Chiavari chairs for their venue, which is a favourite location for engaged couples wishing to get married in opulent and historic surroundings. Carpeted spiral staircases, glittering chandeliers and views that look out on to sun-dappled parkland tick many of the boxes for brides and grooms wanting a deluxe feel to their special day.

Land, Sea & Air!

Across the world, couples like to celebrate their wedding in many different ways, and there are lots of non-traditional options - for those that have the budget to match! Here are some of the weirdest and outlandish wedding day locations and activities we’ve ever come across...

1. Out of this world

When space flights started to become a reality, then it was probably only a matter of time until couples would choose the Virgin Galactic as their wedding venue! Reports highlight how reservations have already been made on the aircraft for nuptial ceremonies. Until then, adrenalin fans wanting to mark their day in zero gravity can book the so-called ‘vomit comet’, which is a plummeting aircraft that travels at such a speed to induce a feeling of zero gravity.

2. Chilling out on your wedding day…

If you’d like to experience some extreme temperatures when you exchange vows rather than zero gravity, you have the option to travel to Lapland’s Icehotel. This venue has a stunning location, set in a beautiful snowy landscape that really brings magic to a white wedding! The building is made from ice taken from a nearby river and formed into altars, pillars and seating, which feature reindeer skins to keep you and your guests warm.

3. Something fishy…

A popular requirement for a wedding venue is a great view. Our recent client’s venues offered function rooms looking out into the tranquil gardens and across parkland, providing great opportunities for photos. If you’re a fan of marine life then the shark tank in New York’s Atlantis Marine World might really appeal. In the past, a couple who shared a love of diving got married in a pathway beneath the shark tank, with the marine animals gliding past in the background.

4. Want to feel the ground move?

Arranging weddings can take a lot of work and time, with couples doing their best to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. If you’re a bride or groom who likes to steer away from the unexpected then the following venue might not be for you! On the other hand, if you’re after something a bit different and the possibility that the earth might literally move Hawaii’s Volcano National Park might be the one for you - it’s a truly hot destination for weddings thanks to its close proximity to a steaming lava.

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