Furniture Hire For Street Parties

Are you interested in holding a street party for your neighbourhood? Street parties became fashionable during the Royal Wedding last April and while they may have seemed a one-off event, it is a great idea to host a get together with your friends and neighbours and save money. Everyone typically brings something to the event and a large amount of food is generally the result. However, you might not have tables long enough or chairs plenty enough to organize such a party. Companies such as Furniture Hire UK can help with this aspect. Low Cost Options You will probably need to get a permit to block off your street or hold it in areas that do not need to be cordoned off, but you can do this inexpensively and it is worth it for the event. Companies such as Furniture Hire UK will be able to offer large tables fit for banqueting or for holding large quantities of food, which you can use to help set up your event. These are provided at a fairly low cost, meaning you have more of your budget to spend on other portions of the event. You will be able to get your hired furniture delivered to you and even potentially set up for you before your event. If you have an emergency, in most cases extra furniture can be delivered quite quickly as well, so that you are able to avoid the headache of dealing with extra emergency situations. You will be able to use companies such as Furniture Hire UK to ensure that your event is one of the more successful in this trend. Stylish Trends Whatever style you would like your street party to be—whether patriotic, kitschy, or prim and proper, you will be able to find furniture to match it. You can get mismatched tables to get that kitschy, thrown together look, and combine it with furniture from homes on the street if you wish, with the extra tables adding to the amount of space for food and guests. You can get various chairs as well, in keeping with this style—which has been seen for some time in the wedding circuit. If your style is more prim and proper, or patriotic, you can ensure that all of your tables and chairs match perfectly, either opting for banqueting furniture, or simple, clean-lined furniture with crisp white linen and accessories to accentuate the style of your choice.