High End Furniture Hire

Our line of executive furniture includes higher end, luxurious products. These products, although generally more expensive than our average product, are of the highest quality. This is because we realise these products will not be bought in bulk as they are meant for executive positions in your office. These positions usually require high excellence as this is known to improve job performance. Our range of executive furniture is classy, modern yet comfort is still a priority when designing these goods. Comfort in offices is often overlooked but we know the value it has when it comes down to the quality of work. It has been proven that when people are uncomfortable they find it a lot more difficult to concentrate. Also, poorly designed chairs have been linked to repetitive strain injury. By providing furniture of a higher quality and maximum comfort you can greatly minimise the risk of back problems and repetitive strain injury, as well as increasing job performance. Our executive furniture range can help you do this. For example the chairs we offer are designed to be comfortable yet highly luxurious. The leather executive chair is one of the many in our range of chairs for hire. It has flexible wheels to allow maximum movement in the office. This means when you need to reach something in the room you can do it quickly from the chair in which you are sat in. This also saves time in demanding, intense jobs. The chair also has gas lift and seat tilt for that extra bit of comfort. The executive crescent desk goes extremely well with our range of leather chairs. It is made from dark brown melamine, providing an edgy colour scheme to contrast black of the executive chair. This is just one example of our vast range of furniture that is suitable for executive circumstances. Other furniture to hire for executive offices includes soft seating; when employees are working hard, it is important that they can take a break when they need to. These breaks can hugely improve job performance and also keep your employees happy. A good way to provide the seating to make these short breaks possible would be to provide our Corbusier Sofa. This sofa can come as a one or two seater. These are designed to be highly comfortable, a perfect addition to any office area in need of that classy, sophisticated touch. To find out more about our furniture to hire, visit the website or phone us on 0844 567 5744.