Leather Tub Chair

Leather Tub Chair

Often, one of the first things new customers have to do when walking into a work place is wait. At first this may seem to be some what of a nuisance and even a poor reflection upon your company, but Furniture Hire UK has created a product that can make even this unwanted period an opportunity to impress. Their Two Seater Leather Tub Chair is the perfect way to effortlessly create the perfect first impression!

Leather Tub Chair

As the name suggests the Two Seater Leather Tub Chair is made from genuine leather, immediately providing an executive feel to your reception. This elegant material also makes cleaning and maintaining the sofa’s elegant exterior easy, as well meaning it will suit almost any décor imaginable. It is available in a black colour scheme complete with modern stitching to enhance the look and style of the chair.


Comfort during this waiting time is also tailored for through the contoured style of sofa, which effortlessly moulds around the user maximising comfort and support creating a soft seating experience fit for king! This simple, yet ingenious design will make customers instantly more relaxed whilst also highly impressed before they’ve even entered your office!

Cost Effective and Affordable

Using Furniture Hire UK is also incredibly affordable. Despite these tough economic times, the Two Seater Leather Tub Chair could save you money both in the long and short run. Obviously hiring furniture is much cheaper than buying the pieces outright. It also means your company can replace, renew or return any items at a convenient time to suit you in order to help keep your work place up to date with the latest styles, technological advances and quantity pressures you might face. Wear and tear is also therefore no longer your concern, as you can simply replace any items at a time to suit you.

It also means that your business is not lumbered with pieces of furniture which will inevitably depreciate in value as time goes on, hence you have no wasted vast amounts of equity on sofas, nor do you have to waste valuable time trying to resell them when they are no longer of use to your company.

So overall it couldn’t be easier to make the best first impression imaginable even from the confinements of your waiting area! The Two Seater Leather Tub Chair from Furniture Hire UK may just be the best investment you ever make, saving you money in the short and long run, time throughout its use and leaving your customers in a relaxed mood from the very outset of their visit to your work place.