Furniture for Educational Purposes

Furniture for Educational Purposes

January has flown around in no time and this means inevitable exams. For students all across the country, from GCSE all the way to University students it is a time of worry, stress and panic. But don’t let them have to worry about the furniture they will be using.

Examination Time

By hiring your furniture from Furniture Hire UK you can have peace of mind in knowing that the furniture you will receive will be top quality and fit for its purpose. Or on the other hand you may want to give your lecture theatre or classroom a makeover and revamp. We have all the educational furniture that you may require and will ensure that your room will be fully equipped to your needs.

There are many benefits of choosing furniture hire as apposed to buying furniture and the main one for any business or school is price. With hiring furniture your costs will be spread across a long time and you wont have to dish out large sums of money at the start. Furthermore, the payments are predictable and regular and therefore you can budget for them accordingly. Also, if you choose Furniture Hire UK a team who are willing to help will deliver your furniture easily and quickly. Finally the furniture will be of a high standard, stylish and modern leaving you with less to worry about.

But what educational furniture for hire is available?

If you are looking at hiring furniture for exams then the obvious first piece you will require is the Folding Exam Table. This simple design is a classic one that has been used for many years. The desk is lightweight, yet strong, which allows for easy moving and storage.

Furthermore will such a simple design they are easy to set up and they include a pen groove for enhanced workspace. Finally their price of £7.50 a week won’t break the bank. To go with this desk you may want to consider some of our items of chair hire. A suitable chair is the Polyprop Chair. This classic chair is available in blue or black and comes at a low price of £1.25 a week.  Its lightweight frame and seat allows for easy moving and stacking. Furthermore the hole in the back of the chair provides ventilation, which is useful when being used for long periods of time such as in an exam.

Finally you may be looking at furniture for lecture theatres. The Black Lecture Chair is a comfortable padded chair in a sophisticated black colour and comes with a small area to write notes on. For lecturers you may want to consider the Freestanding Lectern as well.