Use Our Coat Stand to Store Umbrellas

Use Our Coat Stand to Store Umbrellas

Although summer has finally arrived, the weather is yet to truly follow suit. As many of us return from our short breaks away we are faced with the brutal truth that there is no such thing a season where our coats can be put away.

Instead they remain a vital part of our daily lives, providing shelter and some much needed relief from the British showers. However the mess and clutter they also provide does not need to also be a permanent fixture within your routine.

Furniture Hire is a Simple Solution

Furniture Hire UK is the simple solution to de-cluttering your homes and work spaces through their ingenious coat and hat stand. Made from top quality chrome, this multi purpose coat stand not only tidies coats and hate, but umbrellas too for your convenience. It is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to move to a suitable spot, whilst also incredibly sturdy, meaning you are free to pile on as many coats as you can without the fear that it will simply succumb to the pressure placed upon it.

Chrome and Black Coat Stand

Its simple colour scheme of the silver chrome and black fixtures means it would give an executive feel to any office of home, whilst maintaining a sense of style which would suit any décor imaginable. It also takes up minimal floor space, whilst providing a practical solution to storing the whole office or household’s belongings. There are also many other models available.

Make Lasting Savings

By using the furniture hire system provided by Furniture Hire UK, you are also making vast savings in both the short and long run. Obviously hiring items is much cheaper than buying them outright. However the savings don’t end there. Wear and tear is also no longer your company or personal concern – once the item is no longer matching your needs in any way, Furniture Hire UK has a simple return policy.

This therefore means you are in the unique position to be able to update, modify and stay technologically up to date at all time in regards to office and home furniture at a minimal cost. It also means that you are not lumbered with the somewhat difficult and time consuming process of selling on the (now second hand) furniture when it no longer matches your needs in the future. The fact that furniture will inevitably depreciate in value as time goes on is no longer your problem. Instead you can simply return, replace or renew the items at a time to suit you!

So it couldn’t be easier to solve the simple yet incredibly common problem faced by many. Visit Furniture Hire UK today to see if their coat stands suit you!