Hire a Folding Table from Furniture Hire

Hire a Folding Table from Furniture Hire

When planning large scale events, furniture hire can be somewhat of a nightmare. Making sure each piece is on budget, completely practical and suitably stylish may be necessities, but can also be almost impossible to find.

This is where Furniture Hire UK saves the day. Their wide range of furniture ticks all the boxes and can make that special big day a little bit easier to plan.

Table Hire

For example, dining tables are all taken care of. Their 1830mm Rectangular Banqueting Table is the perfect solution to your dinner troubles. Due to it’s large size, up to eight guests can sit around them, meaning that your seating arrangements are at once that little bit easier to plan.

Folding Leg Design

Each table is also complete with folding legs, meaning that stacking and storing each table is also a simple task, allowing you room to maneuver and the choice of when to use each piece. However each table is also fitted with a secure locking mechanism to of course ensure no tables accidently collapse themselves. Therefore practical storage and piece of mind are both taken care of! They are also incredibly sturdy and stable - made out of the highest quality materials and manufactured in the UK.

Wooden Top

Their classic wooden top means they are easy to clean, and are easy to furnish with dining table clothes (which can be provided at an extra cost if needed), making sure that they suit any and every large scale event, whilst providing an effortless executive feel of style.

Save Money by Hiring

Hiring such pieces also means that you can save vast amounts of money both in the long and short run. Obviously hiring pieces is not only much more practical for one of events, but it is also much cheaper in comparison to buying the pieces outright. It also means that you can update and amend your order at any time.

If you need more table hire, you can simply order more; if you want a larger or smaller size, you can simply order those – it’s as easy as clicking! Wear and tear are also no longer your concern as the pieces will be returned instead of you having to try and re-sell them later on. This means savings in the long run too as you have not plunged large amounts of equity into items will unfortunately, but inevitably, depreciate in value. Instead you can simple return, replace or renew them at a time to suit you!

So when planning your next large scale event, visit Furniture Hire UK to solve all your furnishing nightmares.