Educational Furniture For Hire

Educational Furniture For Hire

Back to School and University

As we arrive back to the start of the academic year for many schools and universities, the need for educational furniture such as desks, chairs and lecterns becomes apparent. In order to make the most of your students potential, it is important to give them ergonomic and comfortable furniture in an environment that aids learning and produces better results.

It has been shown that the level of comfort and the design of spaces in educational establishments in linked directly to an improvement in results. Here at Furniture Hire UK we have a wide range of educational furniture for hire that will help to provide these conditions and aid your students to achieve the best they can.

Short Term Use 

 Exam season will inevitably come around within a few months and for this occasion it may be worthwhile renting some of our desks and chairs. Renting the furniture as opposed to having it in the school permanently is far more economical of space as you don’t need to keep it in storage at other times of the year.

Another benefit of renting the furniture as opposed to buying it outright, is that the rents are tax deductible, and it saves your establishment from having large amounts of capital coming out all at once. It also allows you to budget more effectively as you know what will come out of your account and when. Further to this, the quality of the furniture is always high as we keep our stock replenished and to our stringent high levels of quality.

Folding Exam Desk

 For example, one of our products in this range is the Folding Exam Desk. This starts from as little as £3.50 a week per unit. They are extremely easy to set up as they fold up and are therefore extremely lightweight so it will not be a laborious task to prepare the space for examinations.

We even offer a delivery service so we can help set up your space each time you hire from us. It comes with a handy pen groove too, to stop that time old inconvenience of students dropping pens in the exam hall! These Desks are often paired with our blue polyprop chair as the perfect combination for an exam.

Contact Us  

 So, if you are looking for total flexibility, reliable service and quality furniture then look no further than Furniture Hire UK. You can create a quote online or give us a call on 08445675082 today and if you need to research a bit further then our ‘about us’ section is extremely helpful. Remember that we can help with delivery and setup if you are a busy school or university! 

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