Our Range Of Chairs To Hire

Our Range Of Chairs To Hire

Chairs are an important part of our lives. On average its been suggested that people spend around 60% of their time sat in chairs – ranging from the office chair to the more comfortable sofa. When we spend so much time sat down, it is highly important that we are comfortable.

A well designed chair can make a huge difference to our comfort and also our posture. Maintaining the correct posture helps to reduce long term back and spine problems. So taking this importance into account, Furniture Hire UK offers a range of chairs. Our chairs to hire are not only affordable, they are also at the highest quality and have been quality tested – ensuring our products do not create back problems, but give maximum support and comfort.

The Stacking Chair – One Of Our Most Popular Products

If you are looking for a versatile, comfortable office chair then our Black Stacking Chair is for you. With a metal frame and soft material padding, this is a great alternative to the standard polyprop chairs if you are looking for more support and comfort. As well as this, it is a perfect option if you think you may need to store it. This chair is lightweight, making it easy to move around.

It can also stack up to 5 high, saving you a lot of storage room.  This chair also comes at a low, affordable cost of £2.75 a week. You may be able to make savings on this depending on the amount you are ordering and the amount of time you wish to order the products for – we offer discounts for long term or large orders. 

The Leather Executive Chair

Another example of a fantastic quality chair is our Leather Executive Chair. More suitable for office areas, this chair gives an air of sophistication and importance, yet still manages to maintain maximum comfort. It gives your office a professional feel, without reducing comfort for the user. At a slightly higher price of £18.00 per week, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed with the quality of this product. With padded leather cushioning and gas lift and tilt mechanisms, this chair is perfect for any office area. It is also very well suited to many of our pieces of office furniture to hire.

These are just two examples of the many chairs we have to offer – we have many more suitable for a range of events, offices, reception areas and so on. To find out more check out our products on the website!

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