Think Ahead For The Next Exam Period

Think Ahead For The Next Exam Period

There is no argument that exams aren’t stressful. Both for students and staff, the exam period is busy, demanding and difficult. One thing students don’t have to worry about in this important period is the organization of exams.

With so much to think about when hosting exams, be it the timetable, finding staff for the different jobs require or simply finding somewhere convenient for them, it can be a taxing task. One of the most important things to think about is obviously having enough tables and chairs, which is why Furniture Hire UK offers educational furniture hire to provide for this need. 

From A Students Point Of View

Exams are stressful enough, without being provided with uncomfortable seating arrangements. Many students get bad backs and posture problems during exams due to the excessive time spent at a desk, and the tension caused by stress. Due to this it can be very off putting for students to be provided with uncomfortable seating in an exam.

For example a wobbly desk or uncomfortable chair may be all it takes to reduce a students concentration and therefore reduce exam success. It is, naturally, completely essential to provide seating that is adequate for such important events. Furniture Hire UK provides educational furniture in vast quantities, making it very easy for you to provide for your students needs.

We also have an excellent delivery and pick up service, which will save you some time in this busy period. Not only this but we can help to lay out the furniture upon request. For more information on this please visit our website or contact us by phone.

What Products Are Available?

Our team have manufactured one of our most convenient and essential products; the Folding Exam Desk. This exam desk is the perfect size for exam conditions; providing the exam takers with enough room to work whilst not being too big and taking up too much valuable room in the exam area.

From only £3.99 per week, this piece is also very affordable. We also have many chairs available to hire. One of these is the Black Stacking Chair. This comes at just £2.75 a week, and is also available in blue. The soft seating ensures maximum comfort for students, whilst the chrome frame maximizes stability. The stacking feature of these chairs is also very useful if you require to store this item for any reason. All in all we have many educational furniture products available, so please look at the website for more information

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