Perfect Furniture For Your Wedding

Perfect Furniture For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a very stressful and time consuming task. Understandably you will want everything to be perfect for your big day. Many people consider that the most important part of a wedding is the reception as this is where the most time will be spent at during the day.

More and more people are choosing to not hire a wedding venue, but instead are making their own venue using marques. This is where Furniture Hire UK comes in. We can provide your homemade venue with all the wedding furniture needed to make your wedding an elegant and sophisticated day. The most important thing needed for a wedding reception to take place is seating. We have a selection of different tables suitable for this, one of the most popular being the 1525mm Circular Banqueting Table.

These tables are perfect for a wedding as they can be decorated to create whatever look you are going for. The 1525mm Circular Banqueting Table seats up to eight people. They are also collapsible and stackable which makes them perfect for storing whilst not in use. This table is not expensive to hire at only £2.95 per week, so is perfect for large weddings

Complementary furniture we offer

You will be able to get all the furnishings needed for your wedding from Furniture Hire UK. As well as the 1525mm Circular Banqueting Table we can offer you the 1525mm Round Table Cloth. This table cloth is designed to fit the banqueting table perfectly.

It is also available in black and white so you can pick the colour best suited to your colour scheme. These table cloths come at the great price of only £10.25. You will also need chairs to go with your tables. The perfect chair to hire for a wedding venue would be the Banquet Chair with White Cover. This chair is also available in black so can be matched to whichever table cloths are being used.

Not only does the chair come with the cover, it only comes with the bow which can be chosen from a range of colours from black to gold, to burgundy. This means you will definitely be able to find something to match the colour scheme of your wedding. This chair can be hired for only £3.50 per week, a complete bargain.

Hiring Furniture From Us

Hiring Furniture from Furniture Hire UK is very stress free. You can call us on 0844 567 5744 to speak to one of our staff who can help you to choose the perfect furniture for your wedding. Alternatively you can log onto out website at to view all of our furniture for yourself. So make your wedding as stress free as possible and hire our extremely low priced furniture.

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