Stylish Outdoor Furniture

Stylish Outdoor Furniture

If you are looking for modern and stylish outdoor furniture for your restaurant or café then look no further than Furniture Hire UK. We offer a wide range of outdoor furniture that will be perfect to use on any sunny day.

Our furniture is very easy and quick to hire and comes at extremely reasonable prices. If you are looking to complete the look of your outdoor seating areas then the chrome bistro table is perfect for you. The chrome bistro table is very durable and can be used indoors or outdoors. It has a very modern and sleek design making sure it will fit into any atmosphere whether it be a seaside café or a fashionable bar. The chrome bistro table is exceptionally cheap to hire and is a complete bargain at only £4.99 per week; this makes it perfect to hire as the sunnier months arrive.

Complementary Furniture we offer

After hiring the chrome bistro table you will also need to hire some complementary chairs. Luckily for you we have the perfect option of the chrome bistro chair. This chair is lightweight and suitable for all whether so is perfect to use with the chrome bistro table.

The chrome bistro table is very modern looking with an aluminium frame and slotted seat design; the sleek design will fit in perfectly to the outdoor area of your café or restaurant. The chair is also very easy to look after and clean and is incredibly easy to store when not in use as it can be stacked five chairs high. This means the chairs can be neatly stored whilst not in use. The chrome bistro chair is cheap to hire at only £2.27 per week.

Why hire furniture?

You may think that hiring furniture is very expensive and time consuming, but this is not true. Hiring furniture is very cheap and can be done on a weekly basis. This means that you aren’t commiting to having furniture for a long period of time. The furniture that you hire can also be changed for new furniture whenever you want to. All you need to do is contact Furniture Hire UK and we will arrange for your new furniture to be delivered.

This process is extremely stress free, and means that you don’t have the worry of having to get rid of your old furniture. At furniture Hire UK we have a skilled and experienced team who will deliver your new furniture quickly and help you set it up in no time. So why not take a look at our website to see all the furniture that we can offer you!