Outstanding Office Furniture

Office Furniture that Makes a Difference

If you have your own office you want to make sure that your furniture is the best that it can possibly be, which is why Furniture Hire UK are here to help!

Which chairs would you recommend for executive offices?

One of our most popular executive chairs is the extremely stylish Leather Executive Chair. Not only is this chair luxurious but also very comfortable as it includes great features such as padded arm rests and deep padded seat back which increases support which is ideal if you normally find yourself being sat down for long periods of the day. 

Complementary Products

What other furniture should I choose for my executive office to impress clients?

Along with chairs, Furniture Hire UK also specialise in a number of other products such as desks and storage furniture. A great item to go with the Leather Executive Chair is the Executive Bow Fronted Workstation.

This desk is made from high-end materials to give it that expensive finish and to make it as stylish as possible. However as well as being stylish it is also very practical as it includes cable ports which mean that it is easier for you to hide wires and keep your desk clean. This desk is an absolute bargain at only £70 per week per desk to hire. Another great additional piece to any executive office is the Executive Mobile Pedestal.

This Mobile Pedestal matches perfectly with the workstation and is great for storing any paperwork or documents, and also comes with a lock meaning that you know you can store confidential files safely. It includes two pen draws and one deep draw, which is suitable for A4 documents. This Mobile Pedestal is only £25 per week per pedestal to hire.

Choosing to hire over buy

Will hiring furniture save me money?

By choosing to hire your furniture over buying it not only will you save yourself money, but it also gives you the added option of never having to commit to once piece of furniture again.

If you choose to buy your furniture then a few months later you change your mind, it can create a hassle for you to have to sell or get rid of it. However, with hiring you can simply call up Furniture Hire UK and they can easily come and collect the furniture from you whilst you choose other pieces you would like to swap it for.

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